Gina Eubank conquered a brain tumor, changed careers and now helps motivate others in the drone industry


Tell us about yourself and your background.  I am the Chief Operating Officer of the Sky Eye Network, the world’s largest premier network of Professional Drone Entrepreneurs. I also train and support the participants at the 3-Day Drone Command Live Seminars. I am also an award-winning pharmacist with more than two decades of experience helping thousands of people improve their lives. My deep knowledge and understanding has earned me a regular spot on CBS’s Great Day Houston, where I have appeared as an expert guest. I have a passion for helping people overcome adversity and create a life they love living. This comes from my own experience in banishing a debilitating brain tumor I carried for a decade. In 2003, I reset my life, using shifts in diet and a transformation in life vision. I emerged tumor free nine months later. Today, I serve as a life coach, motivational speaker and mentor, supporting men and women as they pursue their dreams on operating a profitable drone business.   

 How did you get started in the drone industry?

My husband aka The Drone Boss has been making money with drones since 1993. He absolutely LOVES Drones and has set a couple world records and loves to compete. I never really saw it as something I would do outside of being a Pharmacist/Integrative Health Expert. My husband and I were talking and I had been in Pharmacy over 20 years and I saw how much fun he was having, how many people he was helping and the tremendous opportunity in the drone industry and I decided to join him. We are having a blast working together and helping people.

Tell us about the SkyEye Network and your role there.

The Ske Eye Network is the world’s largest network of professional drone entrepreneurs. We teach and support on the four pillars of how to run a successful drone business. The first pillar is flying/equipment which encompasses safety, software and hardware etc. Pillar two is on Laws/Rules and Regulations and insurance. Pillar three is business development: knowing which vertical to go into, when and how to expand and how to build a real business that is an asset. Pillar number 4 is specific drone marketing and advertising. You can be the best drone pilot or cinematographer, but if no one knows about you then you simply have a hobby. I am the Chief Operating Officer and I love to support our members with business development.

How did the idea of the Drone Command come about?

As Drone Operation is simplified with technology, more and more people started asking us how to start and run a profitable drone business. So we, launched a beta program with 12 people that had no drone or rc experience, no photography experience and no successful business experience (could not net over $40K annually). The goal was to teach the beta group the four pillars and to have them earn 6 figures in 12 months. All beta members were at 6 figures in 12 months or less and all were part time except for one who was full time. Drone Command Live was born from the lives that were changed in the beta program and we decided to teach on a much larger scale and have more impact globally. We are currently in 9 countries.

Industry Experience:

What do you like most about being in the UAV industry?  The number one reason is the growth and opportunities this will provide for small businesses and family businesses. This is like starting on ground floor of the computer industry, internet or cell phones. We are truly playing a part in history.

What’s your favorite type of project and why?

Working with small businesses and family businesses to help them develop their businesses and to help more people. This creates more impact on a level in business that is often left out or left behind.

Do you have a success story you would like to share?

We have hundreds but one that stands out is a SkyEye Network Member that we were supporting in building his drone business. His background was living paycheck to paycheck with his beautiful wife and a beautiful little girl. He decided to go for it and trust the SkyEye Network system. He called me up and he had his first big  after 5.5 weeks of attending Drone Command Live for $180,000 for 14 video package. He received $90K in advance and $90K after completion of the project. His wife did not believe him when he told her about the money and he had her log into the bank account. Their lives and subsequent generations will be dramatically impacted by him learning how to start and run a successful drone business. He is 28 years young. He is helping a ton of people and having a blast.

What excites you most about the potential for women in the industry?

You do not have to be a nerd or technical genius to be in the drone business or  to benefit and have impact in this disruptive industry. It is great if a woman loves to fly. Or if she doesn’t fly, no problem! She can simply build her business hiring pilots and staff. Both models can be very successful. Women can, and will have significant impact in this business. Successful relationships are one of the main key components besides the four pillars we teach. Women generally speaking are more relationship oriented. I love teaching the business development part and the importance of relationships internally in the company as well as outside.   

What You’ve Learned:

What has been your most significant “lightbulb” moment since you entered the industry? 

How easy it is for  people with the right tools and guidance to dramatically turn  their lives around because of starting a drone business. They have a purpose driven life, having impact, happy and financially successful, which is great for them, their families, and their communities.

What have you learned you wish you had known when you got started?

You can accomplish way more in a year than you ever thought possible if you simply schedule it. In our first year of Drone Command Live we put on 11 three day live events. The lives we touched and had impact on was so incredibly rewarding and we had a blast. I wish we would have scheduled Drone Command Live earlier and gone for it. It can be easy to stay stuck on working on perfecting the business and delay the start.

Is there a tip you learned you would like to share with other women in the industry?

Do not be afraid to be a woman in this industry. You do not have to be a man to be successful in this industry. Another tip I love is that leaders maximize resources and my dialing finger works great! Another tip I use when a challenge bubbles up, is telling myself this is merely a puzzle and the solution is here. It is my job to support the team in finding the key piece of the puzzle to have it all come together. This way of thinking is extremely rewarding for the entire team, company and our SkyEye Network members.


What’s the best way for W&D readers to connect with you? 

Gina Eubank:  601-SkyEye1

The Final Word:

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Women and Drones Community?

Don’t put it off and don’t get stuck in paralysis by analysis. We have members of all ages, an 82 year old retired fighter pilot and airline pilot who had given up on life, now wakes up with purpose. He told me for the first time in decades I feel like my life has purpose. We also have a 18 year old young lady  who started her Drone business and has grown her business to the point she has hired 1 employee.  This is a direct quote from the 18 year old: “it is so nice to know I will never have to worry about money in my life.” Those stories just warm my heart and remind me that anything is possible if you are willing to “do the do”, which is my way of saying put in the work.

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