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The Hoodman launch / landing pad is a must have in the UAS industry.  The Hoodman Corporation has been making the launch pads for drones since 2015.   It is especially valuable on construction sites or other off road and dirt areas.

There are many benefits to having a launch pad.   Equipment protection is priority.  Having pad to  launch and land from will help to protect the UAS and the camera from the outdoor elements.  Another advantage for the pad is how perfect it is for marking safety work zone area.  It is a highly visible with bright orange color. The Hoodman launch pad also has directional navigation headings that can be useful.

It comes in an easy to carry bag and is very durable.  When taken out of the bag it springs open. However, putting it back into the carry bag can be a little tricky.   There is a “taco, then fold” technique to it.  Once it’s broke in a bit, the process is easier.

Hoodman offers several sizes  3′, 5′  and 8′.  The smaller may seem like the logical choice for connivance.  But the larger sizes may be can more useful in some situations.    If operating in a truly dirty or dusty area such as a construction site, the more equipment protection the better.

The price ranges from approximately $59.99 and up depending on the size.  They can be purchased from many online locations including Amazon, B&H photo, Drones Made Easy and even Wal-Mart.

Update:  Hoodman now offers a small drone launch pad.  It is 2′ circumference.  This smaller pad is perfect for the Mavic, Spark or any small platform.    Starting cost for the 2′ launch pad is $39.95.

There are other launch / landing pad available, but the Hoodman has proven to be durable and functional for years.

Desiree Ekstein – Drone Diva Desi
Desi’s fleet of drones:  DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 Pro

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