SEVENsCamp Announces the World’s First and Only sUAS Aerial Digital Advertising Board

Now take your message to the air with the full color, graphics, logos and animations.  The Aerial Digital Advertising Board (ADAB) has huge advantages over traditional aerial advertising methods such as Skywriting, Sky-typing, Banner Towing by plane or Helicopter and Blimp advertising. First and foremost is the cost factor. Our unmanned ADAB System is a fraction of the cost.  The ADAB system can be used for: Advertising, Promoting, PSA’s, Announcements, Delivering Alert messages, Providing directions, Delivering personal messages; the list goes on and on. Drone technology is growing and this is the latest advance.   

ADAB is a full color LED digital programmable message board converted to run on DC batteries and attached as a payload on the belly of a drone.  Its primary purpose is to deliver any fully customized message promotion, advertising or just information to thousands on the ground as it flies through the sky at low altitudes.

It supports graphics, logos and animations. The ADAB has huge advantages over traditional aerial advertising.  First and foremost is the cost factor.  Fuel, maintenance, man power and insurance costs of manned aircraft are very expensive.  The ADAB system does not consume fuel as a plane, helicopter or blimp.  It is unmanned and has a rechargeable energy source and unlike a plane or copter towing a banner, the ADAB can display multiple full color messages with digital graphics and animations in a single flight.  Best of all the unmanned ADAB System does it better at a fraction of the cost.

The sUAS ADAB system is the first significant change in aerial advertising in decades and now it is efficient and affordable to nearly any budget.  SEVENsCamp is rolling this new medium out throughout the country.

The ADAB system was invented by the Executive Producer and CEO of SEVENsCamp, Lynwood Douthett.  ADAB Patent Pending

SEVENsCamp is an aerial production company offering sUAS Aerial Services.

For inquiries and more information:
Call 310-735-0715 ext 2 

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