Ms Mohsina Mirza, a robotics professional from India

Driven by a passion to excel, this teacher, drone maker, and sky diver by profession wants to give every child wings to fly.  Mohsina founded Invero Techno Robotics and Flying Club,  Dromera by Mohsina and is the Drone Department Head of La Martiniere College, in Lucknow, which is the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She is motivating millions of children across the globe.   

A pioneer in Drone Making and Piloting

Mohsina has introduced the concept of Robotics lab, aviation and flying technology in schools. Children at her Robo Lab learn to make their own customized Robots, Quadcopters,  RC Crafts , Robo-Cars , Robo- Ships and Rockets.  She says, “When I completed my BTech- PGDBM from UK, I realized that my interest in Robotics has increased tremendously. I knew I wanted to do this for my future but as I learned and explored the subject I realized it was time to pass on the knowledge to kids. I knew the concept will be of interest to many children who have nothing but books on the topic.”

In India, there is no school which teaches Robotics from such an early age. At her Tech workshops, children are from age group 4 to 17 years.  Talking about her choice of an out of the box subject she says, “I always had this in mind that I would do something different. I knew Robotics in school is not something routine and it would be difficult for me to make people understand its importance. But I also had firm belief that with one right step everything will into place.” 

She decided to deviate from regular teaching stuff and innovate something interesting and think beyond books.  Mohsina says, “Being a female, I wanted to bring in more girls along with me. I knew this is not something routine for girls and it would be difficult for me to make people understand the importance.  I also had firm belief that with one right step everything will fall into place.  I fail to understand why girls stick to conventional and routine in their profession.  Why do they shy away or are afraid to explore in the field of Robotics?  Women have great scope in this industry.  No other industry has transformed from military hardware to toy as quickly as drones have moved from the armed forces’ inventories to the shelves of departmental stores. As compelling as they are controversial, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have gained the attention of manufacturers and investors alike, who are now scrambling to hit the market with innovative solutions for the civilian domain.”

Mohsina’s Robotic Workshops

Her Robotics summer workshop, season one was extremely successful. Seats are already filled for her upcoming second workshop, which will be held in May 2018. Her students are winning various awards nationally and internationally both and making her proud.


Her ideology in life is that one can achieve the highest height if one strives for it and indeed she practices this philosophy in her day today life.

Education and Work

With a master’s degree in innovation and management from the UK, Mohsina’s exceptional work has been showcased in a series of Coffee table books – ‘Secret of Mart’, ‘Mausoleum of Boulone Lise’, ‘The Lat’ and ‘The Mutiny’.  Her latest exhibition of aerial pictures, Francisi Awadhi Ta’alluqat was the theme of Mahindra Santkada Lucknow Festival 2018. At present, her passion for aerial photography is taking most of her time other than training children in the subject.

With many feathers in her cap, Mohsina has recently completed her Sky Dive Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF) from Sky Dive Dubai and being an alumnus of Sky Dive Dubai, she trains females to do sky dive from 13000 feet under her Invero Techno robotics ad Flying Club banner.

Mohsina is a Survivor and an Inspiration for all Women out there

Mohsina is a very hardworking soul and is a survivor in every sense of the word. She had a sad childhood because of losing her father at the age of 6, and her mother losing her self-control after his death. She was raised by her elder brother who did everything for her to give a happy and comfortable life.  She is grateful to the beautiful life he gave her and she owes all her success to him. Initially there were many challenges when she decided to take up the project but she convinced the people by delivering outstanding results.

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