Looking to diversify the use of technology in your school to match the interest of your students?  Consider implementing a drone program!

As a first step, order this free drone eBook from our friends at the She Flies program in Australia. The eBook is designed primarily for school teachers, librarians, and principals, however, it is equally useful for parents.

The eBook suggests schools become early adopters of drone technology to equip students with skills needed for their future careers.  And, in the bigger picture be a part of building an innovative economy.  

What’s in the eBook?  

Here’s what you will find in the She Flies eBook:

  • How working with drones addresses problem based learning across a range of different disciplines.
  • Important items to consider when developing a policy for integrating drones into your school programs.
  • Cool ideas for using a drone at school with an outline of the skills learned with each activity.
  • Questions to answer when deciding which drone to buy for your school.
  • And more!

About the She Flies program:

She Flies generates conversation around gender equality in STEM, using the world of drones to inspire and provide a platform for change to occur.  She Flies builds high quality STEM leadership and learning opportunities through drone education.

Their process towards equality is simple:

  • Engage people in the conversation
  • Inspire people to take action
  • Educate people through high quality education, learning and support
  • Empower our young women to be a part of the drone community

Thanks to the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science, She Flies Drone Camps are coming to Northern Australia in 2017!  For more details and to receive camp details sign up for the newsletter.

For more information contact:

Dr. Karen Joyce, Chief Education Officer:  info@sheflies.com.au
Face Book: shefliesau
Twitter: @shefliesau



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