International Drone Film Festival DroneUp! Calling all female drone pilots!

As humans, we have always been fascinated by the sky. We have been driven by a desire to reach the clouds and have nourished a curiosity of what our lives might look like seen from above.

DroneUp International Film Festival is an annual International drone film festival organized in relation to the European Capital of Culture. As an open public event we aim to show the beauty of drone cinematography by screening the most awe-inspiring films by drones to a large live audience. It is a two-day free event with screenings accompanied by music and many surprise programs.

The DroneUp team is composed of mostly women (4/5). We come from many different backgrounds and from all over the world, but we manage to work in harmony and organize the coolest drone film festival in Eastern Europe.

In 2017 DroneUp IFF will be held in the enchanted city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria August 25th – 26th at the ancient Roman Stadium. This event truly merges the ancient setting with new technology.

The first edition was a great success, there were more than 3000 spectators throughout the festival, coming from over 33 Countries. It is still the only drone film festival in Eastern Europe. DroneUp IFF 2016 made a huge splash! We shocked the audience with flash mobs, beat boxers and drone demonstrations. We thought of how to entertain everyone and leave them with the greatest memories!

In 2017 the DroneUp International Film Festival promises to go above and beyond after the great success of its first edition. More drone demos, lively discussions and  workshops throughout the day to create a platform for creativity and connections, are only a few things we’ve planned for you. We are always looking for thrilling and extraordinary solutions to entertain our audiences.

DroneUp IFF is a non-stereotypical Film Festival, and it is designed to be a community event. We give the filmmakers the opportunity to meet with peers and the public, and present their work in a magnificent venue. To learn from one another, to share experiences, points of view, and to help establish a community which is centered around the ever-growing world of drones.

DroneUp is an open celebration of aerial filmmaking trendsetting innovations, new creativity, and culture. Go up with us! DroneUp with us!

Plovdiv Bulgaria –  Host City 

Older than Rome and Athens, Plovdiv is Europe’s oldest still-inhabited city.

Plovdiv has been selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2019.

This small gem prides itself with unique atmosphere, beautiful and romantic architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage, and an enchanted Old Town. In the heart of the city is a stunning Roman Amphitheater and the ancient Roman Stadium in which DroneUp International Film Festival will be held this August.

The most attractive peculiarity of the city is its lively arts and culture scene. You feel as if you have stepped back in time when seeing all of the ancient buildings and surroundings. It is a city that allows you to have a complete experience. From the museums and charming Old Town, to the exciting, trendy cafés and clubs.

Join us to experience the magic of DroneUp IFF in Plovdiv the 25th – 26th of August!


Film screenings and events are the heart of the festival. DroneUp will screen the best of drone cinematography submitted by filmmakers from around the world. Filmmakers will show their works divided in 6 categories. Nature, Urban, Extreme + Wild, Narrative + Cinematic, Travel, & Bulgaria.  The best of each category will be awarded with a prize.

During the two-day event we will showcase film, art, music, and an exhibition of new and exciting drone technology. We will have live demonstrations of drones and an opportunity for our audience to participate and engage with the artists.

We are constantly looking for the most thrilling and awe-inspiring films that showcase why we love drones. It provides a fresh point of view that many people have never experienced before.

Women And Drone members receive $20 USD off entry fee
Use code: DroneUpandWomen

Up, Up & Away!

Emily and Fiammetta
Facebook event: DroneUp IFF

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