Wyvern Ltd., a leading innovator in risk management solutions for the UAS industry, has partnered with the Women and Drones organization to offer its EXACT UAS Certification assessments to its members at a discounted rate. EXACT is an acronym for EXcellence, through Assessment, Continuous monitoring, and Training.

Women and Drones members will receive a 10% discount on EXACT UAS Certification assessments which focus on applying aviation best practices to drone operations that promote a culture of safety and to further raise the bar of professionalism for UAV operators. EXACT UAS Certification is valid for 24 months and is supported by Wyvern’s networking and marketing efforts to help grow commercial opportunities for members. The assessment process is designed to be non-intrusive and consultative every step of the process and includes feedback and suggestions.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Women and Drones community, said Michelle Dina, Director of Corporate Relations at Wyvern. “Maintaining internationally-recognized policies and procedures for ensuring a safe, professionally-run operation that reduces risk really does open doors and create opportunities for drone service providers. I’m excited to introduce Women and Drones’ EXACT network members to our global client network that requires third-party validation for their vendors.”

“Wyvern’s safety-forward approach to UAS certification is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to advance in the industry. Completing an assessment and attaining EXACT Certification will make a woman UAS business/operator stand out as an organization who fully understands every part of a flight operation has to be operated to the highest standards,” added Sharon Rossmark, CEO and Founder, Women and Drones.

For more information about starting the EXACT UAS Certification process for your organization contact Michelle Dina directly at michelle.dina@wyvernltd.com or +800-946-4626. For online information click here for additional details.

As Director of Corporate Relations, Michelle combines her aviation background in Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Operations, and Client Relations with a love of technology, innovation, and customer success to develop data and risk-based solutions for Wyvern’s global business aviation and unmanned systems clientele. Fortune 1000 companies, flight departments, risk managers, operators, brokers, UAS/drone service providers and end users rely on her industry relationships, research capabilities, out-of-the-box technical solutions, and customer advocacy to create business opportunities for members and find the right provider for the mission.

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