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Fun “Build And Fly” Drone:

We love the STEM inspiring build-a-drone kits from Flybrix. The kit uses LEGO bricks to build your drone. Everything you need is in the box from parts to design plans. The concept is Build, Fly, Crash, Rebuild, Rebuild, Rebuild! The kits are designed for ages 14 and over.

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Super Drone For Starting Out:  

The Parrot Minidrone Mambo is a great starter drone for kids and adults.  Learn together as a family!  We like the code, pilot and play approach to learning.

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Awesome Indoor Flight Drone:  

The Aura hand controlled glove is a fun easy way to fly.  The controller is a glove you wear on your right hand and command the drone to Auto Hover, Auto Takeoff, Auto Landing, Auto Flip. Recommended indoor range is 6 – 23 feet. We tested this drone and found it works just as advertised. The product manufacturer recommends use by ages 6 and up.  As with any drone we suggest children are supervised when flying a drone. Product is available at Target and Amazon.


Beyond Beginner Drones:  

Looking for a drone beyond the toy? Women And Drones Product Reviewer, Desi Ekstein  suggests DJI products.  Desi says the DJI  Phantom 3 Standard is the perfect drone to move beyond a starter toy drone. DJI products are known for their innovation and ease of use.  The Phantom 3 Standard has a camera system that will allow  2.7K HD videos and 12 megapixel photos.  This drone also uses GPS to help with safe flying.

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Give The Gift Of Education! 

If the UAV enthusiast on your list already owns a drone, you can always give the gift of education.  The Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate is needed by anyone wanting to fly a drone as a professional.  Our product reviewer, Desi Ekstein successfully passed her FAA Remote Pilot test by taking the online Gold Seal UAV course. The course offers a step-by-step learning process of how to become Part 107 certified including an in-depth study of airspace, navigation charts, safety and weather.  Each section has lessons, videos, and quizzes that can be viewed as often as needed and at your own pace.

Gold Seal UAV also offers a Night endorsement course. This course can be taken as part of the full membership or can be purchased separately if a remote pilot already has a certificate.   Another benefit to the Gold Seal course is the lifetime membership.

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Sensational Stocking Stuffers!   

Check out these suggestions by our product reviewer Desi Ekstein

Personalize your drone with DecalGirl. This is a great way to “make it your own”. DecalGal  has drone skins for  DJI Inspire, P4P, the Mavic Pro, and more. The company also offers skins for goggles, batteries, tablets and phones so you can complete the look.  There are several unique designs to choose from or you can upload a custom design like your company logo.

To Buy:  DecalGirl

Polar Pro 
Polar Pro has a wide range of filters to choose from and they have filters for several drone platforms from Autel, DJI, GoPro and more. Polar Pro also has an app that can be downloaded to help you choose the right filter for your drone.

To Buy:  PolarPro

APEX Jumbo Fire Resistant Lipo Battery Bag for safe charging and storage.

To Buy:  Amazon

Gift For The Gadget Lover: 

Give the gift to create the merriest of home or commercial videos.  The DJI OSMO Mobile is one gift you may want to keep for yourself! Check out a few of the features:

  • It turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera with cinematic quality
  • Slow-motion video
  • Live Streaming
  • Motion timelaspe videos
  • Detailed Panoramas (blends 9 separate photos together to create one stunning photo)
  • And, so much more!

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Drone Pro Gift Zone: 

Check out these gift options for the professional drone operator.

Fox Fury Rugo Lighting is a go anywhere lighting tool for photo or video.  It easily attaches to your drone or 35mm camera. We tried it out on a DJI Inspire 1 and our Canon 5D Mark III with great results.

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Drone Insurance, A Gift That Keeps On Giving.  The ultimate practical present!  Professional drone operators need insurance and this year, a few more affordable options entered the market.  Here’s one we like from the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  They now offer insurance policies for hobbyists and commercial operators.  And, you don’t have to be a member to request a quote!

For Information:  AMA




DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian.  The latest edition has the “got to have” features” loved by drone operators.

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Don’t forget the drone racer on your list!  FPV is the racing craze.  Check out these options for the person who loves to race drones.

The FPV Drone Racing Kit is highly recommended by our product reviewer Desi Ekstein. This Nano size FPV Drone Racing Kit includes DYS XDR220 FPV Carbon Fiber Racing Drone, RC Quadcopter with HD CCD Camera, SP F3 Flight Controller,  Radiolink AT-9 Transmitter, Balance Charger and the FPV Goggles.  The HD CCD camera gives enhanced images.  No assembly required.

To Buy:  Amazon

DJI Goggles Racing Edition
DJI Goggles RE support Sphere pano viewing and local video playback, offering an upgraded FPV experience.  The pro racer will love these goggles.

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The Women And Drones collection has expanded and now includes:

  • Ladies’ T-Shirts and Hoodies
  • Toddler T-Shirts
  • Hoodies for kids
  • Drone socks
  • And, more!

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