Gold Seal UAV Ground School

 Do you have an UAS (aka Drone) and thinking of getting your Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate so you can start to make a profit from flying.   This course will help you pass the test.   Gold Seal UAV Ground School is awesome.   The course has sections that go through the step by step learning process of what it takes to become part 107 certified.  There is an in-depth study on the topics you must know to pass the test.  It covers airspace, navigation charts, safety, weather and more.   There are 4 sections, each sections has lessons, videos, and quizzes that can be viewed as often as needed and at your own pace.   The videos give a great visualization to help you understand the topics.   At the end there is a final exam that must be passed by 80% or higher.

They also offer a night endorsement course.  This course can be taken as part of the full membership or can be purchased separately if you are already a remote pilot certificate.   Another benefit to the Gold Seal course is that is lifetime membership.  When it is time to renew your certificate you have the ability to go back and review and refresh the information needed.

The course is priced very reasonable for the amount information and resources that are made available to you, and be sure to use the discount code “Desi20” to receive an additional $20.00 off the full course!

You need a FAA part 107 remote pilot’s certificate if you want to earn an income from your UAS.   Gold Seal UAV Ground School is a great place to gain your knowledge and help you pass the FAA test.

Desiree Ekstein – Drone Diva Desi

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