Learn how to fly your UAV / sUAS at night – LEGALLY, SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY!

Night Flight waivers are amongst the most requested and consequently most-denied waivers for the FAA to process. Most waiver denials are based around poorly worded waiver applications and lack of knowledge on the part of the applicant. The FAA also looks for training or information acquisition on the part of applicant, and the “Pilots Manual to UAS Night Flight” provides not only information related to the waiver application, but also best practices, training tools, and a complete understanding of flying Unmanned Aerial Systems at night.

Written by industry leaders Jennifer Pidgen (COO of Sundance Media Group) and Douglas Spotted Eagle, this 60 page book is available in either e-book on Amazon or print format from several dealers.  

The book covers issues of light pollution, planning the flight for night flight, setting up operational parameters, and emergency scenarios to name but a few of the topics. The book also provides many tips and direction for filing a 107.29 waiver from people who are highly experienced at writing and receiving waivers for various UAS purposes.”




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