Drone Detection System

With amazing technology the DJI Aeroscope can identify and track DJI drones.  It uses an identification system that acts like an “electronic license plate”.  At this time, the system will only detect DJI products. DJI hopes to expand to other manufacturers in the future. It is an extremely useful system for law enforcement, safety officials and other government agencies in the pursuit of safer skies.

The drone detection system will identify and monitor airborne drones. The Aeroscope works by picking up the communication between the UAS and the controller.   It decodes the information and displays the telemetry on the screen.  Anyone using the Aeroscope system will be able to obtain the serial number (electronic license plate) of the UAS. The drone can only be seen while it is powered on and the program runs with Google maps.

The Aeroscope has the capability to track multiple drones at a time.  When a drone has been detected the system will start “beeping” and the user will be able to identify the model of DJI product and location.   Authorities will then be able to communicate (email) with the owner of the UAS. They have this information through the DJI database.   Once a communication email has been sent the drone pilot can respond. Safety is the goal.

Privacy is a concern. DJI consumers will be allowed to choose the content of their own drone’s identification in the initial setup.   At this time, Aeroscope does NOT automatically transmit personal information but this may change if regulations change.  It also does not transmit data of an internet based service so the flight history is available but not recorded in government databases.

The Drone U has an excellent Youtube video giving details about the DJI Aeroscope. The Ventura Police department is currently using the DJI Aeroscope to monitor the airspace for safety concerns.

Safety is a growing concern in the UAS industry. The DJI Aeroscope drone detection system will help aid the authorities to identify, monitor and take appropriate action towards pilots.

Desiree Ekstein – Drone Diva Desi

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