The Indoor Practice package includes all the materials needed for students to hone their piloting skills indoors. This pack includes top-quality micro-drones, micro gates and flags, a simple timing system and a starter set of extra batteries and propellers.

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Students: Up to 20

Recommended Settings: Anyone with our Discover Drones package looking to practice indoors.

Logistics and Storage: Materials are shipped in sturdy, reusable tubs, safely storing materials throughout the year.

  • Extra LiPo batteries – 12
  • Extra propellers – 48
  • Hex drivers (1.5 mm) – 4
  • LiPo battery chargers – 4
  • Micro racing gates (arches) – 2
  • Micro racing gates (flags) – 16
  • Micro racing gates (keyholes) – 2
  • Micro DYS ELF quadcopters (colors may vary) – 4
  • Race timing system – 1
  • Radio controllers – 4
  • Storage tub

Note: Flags do not come with bases, however these can be easily attached to any suitable household object.

Full kit: $1,999
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Training Available:  Professional development webinar or in-person training is available.

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The micro DYS ELF quadcopters are made with durable brushless motors, carbon fiber undercarriage, and sturdy prop guards. Fly with the same FPV goggles and FrSky radios included in the Discover Drone package, or use the additional radio controllers included in the package. The ELF may be petite, but it’s every bit as challenging to fly as its larger counterparts, so students are fully prepared to later take their skills back outside.


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