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The drone industry has seen exponential growth opportunities over the past few years, and drone piloting has quickly grown from a hobbyist project to a viable career for many. It’s undoubtedly an exciting time for drone pilots, but for more creative-minded operators, standard drone flights don’t allow much room for cinematic video captures.

That’s where DroneBase & Getty Images come in.

DroneBase is the leading drone operations company in the world, offering UAV services to customers in industries like insurance, real estate, telecom, and more. Our customers use our network of certified Part 107 Pilots for their aerial data needs. Our pilots can accept, fly, and get paid for drone flights all from within the DroneBase Pilot App.

We’re always looking to create new, exciting way for our pilots to fly and get paid, and when we heard that Getty Images was on the lookout for creative, high-quality aerial video, we recognized the opportunity.

Getty Images is the world’s most prolific stock imagery and video provider, DroneBase’s Pilot Network is powering their supply of creative 4K aerial video.

With Getty Missions, DroneBase Pilots can submit their most creative aerial video content from within the DroneBase App. The DroneBase team reviews all submissions, pays out all accepted video clips, and those clips are then passed along to Getty for a potential feature for purchase on their site. It’s a totally free process for Pilots, with creative and cash upsides: every accepted submission receives a payout of $15.

It’s an exciting, unique opportunity for both Getty Images and drone pilots across the world: Getty gets a pipeline of awe-inspiring aerial video, and drone pilots have a new, creative way to make money.

How creative can you get?

As creative as you’d like! Outside of the technical specifications for Getty Missions, there are no creative limitations. It comes down to what you want to capture and submit: rolling waterfalls, sweeping city skylines, the icy top of a tall mountain…the options are endless, and DroneBase encourages you to flex your creative muscles with each and every submission.

The best part? Submitting content to Getty Missions might not even require any extra work on the Pilot’s part. Think about it like this: how many times have you gone out and captured some incredible drone footage, but after posting on social media or creating a quick video clip or two, the content disappears back into the ether? Those once-forgotten clips are perfect for Getty Missions! Submitting content you already have on hand is a great way to extend the lifespan and value of your content, and offers an opportunity to make some passive income.

As DroneBase’s CEO Dan Burton points out, Getty Missions are all about flexibility. “Our pilots have full creative freedom with Getty Missions. They’re able to decide what, when, and where they’d like to shoot. In fact, completing a Getty Mission might be as simple as going through your videos and submitting an old favorite.”

Get started

Getting started with Getty Missions is simple! If you aren’t already a DroneBase Pilot, head over to the Pilot Page, or search the DroneBase App in the App Store or Google Play store to create your account and enter your Part 107 information.

From there, you’re able to submit Getty Missions and fly at your leisure. DroneBase is proud to offer speedy payout for accepted video clips, and if a submission isn’t accepted, the team provides feedback to ensure you’re on the right track for approval the next time.

Ready to get paid for your creative work? It’s time to get on Getty! You can also check out our Getty FAQ for more details.

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Amanda Huggins
Brand & Content Director
DroneBase is the world’s leading aerial imagery service provider

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