Lisa Murray’s career path led her to the Commercial UAV Expo


I grew up in North America outside the city of Boston.  My studies led me to travel extensively, which is my passion, discovering new people and places.  I love bringing people together for a common cause which led me to a career in the event management business where I’ve been for over 22 years in various industries and countries.  Despite the advance of technology, there is still no substitute for human connection.  When you bring people together with a common interest, it fast-tracks everything.

When I took over the technology portfolio of events at Diversified Communications, I realized there was a disruptive technology coming down the pike and no event that served sUAS well.  So our team launched Commercial UAV Expo Americas in 2015 to bring together key stakeholders, industry visionaries and potential users.    

Industry Experience: 

I love being at the forefront of technology change and providing a platform that enables conversation, fosters information exchange and creates connections for people worldwide who are interested in the use of drones.

Success story:

Commercial UAV Expo has quickly become the leading commercial drone event in North America.  It’s been so successful that we launched Commercial UAV Expo Europe to provide education and commercial connection to all of the key players in the EU market.  We also launched Commercial UAV News which connects over 17,000 subscribers globally, 50% outside of North America.

Potential for women:

Our group organizes 4 trade events per year in the tech space including 3D technologies, aerial surveying & mapping and the 2 drone events.  There are, by far, more women involved in drones than in the other 2 events combined.  This is a sign that more women are seeking careers in tech and are finding success at the highest levels.  Many of them are represented on our Advisory Board and on our conference program.   In addition to the Women & Drones podcast, there are groups of women in drones who get together at every drone event.  They are very interested in meeting others in the segment and in supporting each other’s efforts.  There is a real kinship among women in the drone industry and a sincere desire to help each other succeed in this space.

What I have learned:  

While I don’t build drones or drone software and I don’t fly drones for work, I am still able to have a positive impact on the drone industry.  By bringing together thousands of drone professionals at our events and online, we create connections and provide education that help move the industry forward.

Contact info:
Lisa Murray, Group Director, Diversified Communications
Commercial UAV Expo Americas, Commercial UAV Expo Europe, Commercial UAV News

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