Susan Talbot, Co-Founder, Skytango introduces TangoTools™ and the Special Discount Offer for the Women And Drones Network

In 2012, my Skytango co-founder (Emmy Award winning cinematographer Steve Flynn) and I transitioned from the world of film & television into the world of drones. It was meant to be a simple ‘take the camera off the tripod and put it in the air’, but of course it was far more complicated than that.  In 2015, after running an aerial filming company for three years we understood that the tool (drone) was utilised not only by the early adopters in the world of film & television but in multiple other industries. We spent half of our time on construction sites filming back plates for 3d modelling and the other half on film sets. But after a large drone crash sparked a forensic insurance investigation, we eased back on the flying and branched into the world of software development. We built an ecosystem for drone pilots allowing them to attract customers, take job bookings, sell stock footage (our library was removed for a revamp and will be available again in Spring 2019) and track all the compliance and safety elements around flying drones – whether on set or on site. We know that from the moment a job is booked – the things to be considered are;

  • cost
  • weather
  • timeline
  • regulation
  • compliance and
  • deliverables

It can be quite a dance between the pilot and their customer as expectations are managed, details are solidified and payments are received!

We build tools to help with that dance…TangoTools™. They can be used no matter where in the world a pilot is based or travelling, and can be used by both individual drone operators and larger enterprises with a team of operators.

For Independent Drone Pilots And Small Business Owners

TangoTools™ are available when you join the Skytango platform as a member pilot. You register and pay a modest subscription billed either monthly or annually that allows you to:

  • showcase you/your company, available equipment and availability
  • be contacted and booked by customers who need aerial content on or off platform
  • create chat threads for records
  • deliver content through the platform for immediate payment (if you choose)
  • access customizable checklists
  • offer your customers an ‘audit trail’ document if it is something they are concerned about (particularly useful for media customers who may want evidence of permits for showbooks)
  • use the Skytango App & ‘Live Map’ feature and
  • download the Skytango map ‘widget’

‘Live Map’

Once you are flying in the field, whether or not you are using our checklist system, you have the ability (via the Skytango App which is available on IOS and Android) to make yourself visible on a real-time or ‘live’ map that is searchable in the buyers’ (or customer) portal.

Why is this useful? As a producer of aerial shoots, I know how much work can sometimes go in to getting a permit to film or fly at some locations, especially if it’s downtown or in a congested space. Sometimes that can include road closures (quite a regular occurrence on construction sites as well as broadcast/film productions) and permits that can take weeks to obtain. Often the client you do it for really only requires a few hours of your time. So we thought it would be advantageous if you could leverage all that work, and let other customers or potential customers know where you are and they could contact you for last minute projects. For you, the pilot – it could mean extra revenue that was unexpected. For your client – it means immediacy, which is very attractive for quick turnaround social media content and/or news-gathering, insurance company or realty jobs.


It’s one thing being on the Skytango ‘Live Map’ on with all the other pilots who happen to be in the field at the same time, but what if your clients or potential clients find you through your own website because you are one of those lucky people who understand how to pilot a drone AND implement SEO correctly! If you download the Skytango widget code snippet (available in your pilot’s dashboard) and install it on your own website, it lets your clients see only you and your live location. The map doesn’t show up on your site if you choose not to be visible on the Skytango App. It only pops up if you choose ‘Make Me Visible’ and goes away as soon as you disengage. Your ‘exact’ location is slightly offset. We don’t store your location data or sell it to third parties.

Our video explains how it works.

For Larger Enterprises With Staff Pilots

If you are a larger company (in construction for example) and manage multiple drone operators on staff or if you occasionally hire independent drone operators to supplement your in-house crew or for specialty flying, our enterprise solution is for you.  Why is this useful?  Our solution allows:

  • consistency of workflow across all pilots at all locations/sites,
  • a clear chain of command,
  • site geo fencing and customizable checklists for each location, and
  • an audit trail facility for OSHA

The combination of our location/site geo fencing tool and our ‘live map’ facility is perfect when it comes to helping pilots adhere to operations manuals and in notifying site owners (and even adjacent properties) when drones launch. Our enterprise model is available by contacting us at  We’re happy to give you a demonstration and set you up with an account.

2019 will be an interesting year in the drone space. Changing regulation, GDPR here in Europe and pending privacy laws (CPPA) in the US, all pose interesting challenges. Proof of the provenance of aerial content/datasets will become increasingly important and Skytango can help with that.

We are excited about our partnership with Women & Drones and the prospect of helping more female pilots get on the map and get more work.  How can we help?  We are offering a permanent 20% discount on annual Skytango memberships for pilots in the W&D network.  

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