Women And Drones has partnered with She Maps, an Australian company that specializes in supporting teachers to bring drones into their classrooms! And, they have mapped the resources to the US Education Standards!

Our online Teacher Professional Development course will give you EVERYTHING you need to bring DRONES into your classroom. All the lesson plans, all the activities, step by step set up instructions AND the live support from Dr. Karen Joyce!

Here’s an outline of what’s included in the course:

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are comprehensive and detailed so you can let your students spread their wings. We even offer suggestions for extension activities.


Curriculum Mapping

We’ve mapped our classroom activities to the US Common Core and National Standards.


Equipment & Room Setup

It doesn’t matter what drones and tablets you have purchased, some things will always be the same. There will be apps to download and firmware to update. We’ll guide you through this!


Ask the Expert

Get support through three live (and recorded) chats throughout the term to get your questions answered, and ideas broadened by the course creator!


Activity Sheets & Answers

Use our activity sheets as the basis for assessment, or just to get discussion going. We will talk about the answers in our ‘ask the expert’ catch ups.


Manual Flight Skills

For many people, their first flight is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking! As a teacher, you can multiply this feeling tenfold if you are anticipating liftoff with your class. Understanding that it will be the first time that many of your students have even seen a drone let alone tried to control one, we have developed this module specifically to pave your way to successful flights with fewer grey hairs.


Safety First

We investigate the potential dangers posed by drone flight and consider appropriate measures to avoid them while operating as scientists.


Coding & Aerial Survey

We have been using aerial photography to survey the environment since World War I. While the camera and aircraft technology has significantly advanced since then, the basic concepts are the same. We developed this module to practically explore aerial photography techniques from mission planning and execution all the way through to assessing the resulting photos. This is a great introduction to systematic planning and coding – or autonomous flight using microdrones.


Troubleshooting Guides

After using micro drones with hundreds of students, we’ve come across many challenges along the way! We’ve compiled a troubleshooting guide so that you won’t have to struggle your way through a class with tech challenges!


About Dr. Karen Joyce

Dr. Karen Joyce is the Education Director for She Maps and has been flying drones for five years to create maps of the environment. She has worked as a geospatial scientist for 20 years for government, industry, the military and academia. She has been involved in tertiary education since the late ’90’s, and online education for the past ten years. Karen has also been actively working with primary and secondary schools around Australia and the US to bring her geospatial ‘edutainment’ programs to life, particularly for girls. “It’s amazing what we can map, measure, and ultimately monitor from above to take care of our environment.”



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