Glenview, IL – (March 25, 2019) – In celebration of Women’s History Month, Women And Drones, announced the third annual search for notable women in the drone industry.  Honorees selected for the Women to Watch award will be recognized in one of the following categories:  Education, Entrepreneurial, Humanitarian, Innovation and Leadership.

A study published in the 2018 International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology determined that the average rate of women employed in the drone sector was 13% across several highly industrialized countries.  “We want to grow that percentage by honoring, highlighting and inspiring women in the drone industry,” says Women And Drones founder Sharon Rossmark.

Nominations are currently being accepted until Friday, May 03, 2019 at 5:00 pm CST.  You can nominate someone or yourself by completing the nomination form at: Women to Watch In UAS

ASTRAL AR is the lead sponsor for this year’s initiative. According to founder Leah LaSalla “Women And Drones was the first real award we won.  The recognition accelerated and elevated us forward and still does today.  We are very proud to have been recognized by the Women And Drones organization.”

Maria Cugini of FoxFury Lighting says “We are excited to partner with Women and Drones!  This is an incredible organization empowering woman to make an impact in the new UAV world filled with opportunities for women to shine.”

“As a female business owner, it is my personal goal to do what I can to increase the visibility of sUAS (drones) as a career option for women.  SMG is known for its best-practices and breaking-down, step-by-step how this technology can be integrated into a variety of work flows; this technology need not be intimidating and it’s through organizations like Women and Drones and their annual search for women making a difference within the drone industry that will inspire females generations to come.”  says Jennifer Pidgen, COO of Sundance Media Group.

According to Helena Samsioe, founder and CEO of GLOBHE, “The number of women in the drone industry is growing but we still have a long way to go before we have reached an equal industry. Through programs like this we are pushing for it to happen in more places, faster.”

If you would like to receive sponsorship or information about the awards ceremony for this event, contact Kaye Browne at

More about our sponsors:

About Astral AR:
Astral AR builds drones that stop bullets.  Founded in 2015 in Austin Texas, Leah La Salla is at the helm as CEO & Technical Founder of an award-winning, minority-majority company making herstory with aerial robotics. Astral AR’s lifesaving drones are unbiased by design, for deployment by uniformed first responders.  Visit

About FoxFury: 

FoxFury, creates premium lighting tools that shine brightly in the most extreme environments to keep people safe. Our Xtremium™ products focus on durability and speed, providing unique solutions and possibilities for first responders, enterprise professionals, and videographers in over 65 countries. There is no second chance when it comes to getting the correct lighting. So, when seconds count, depend on FoxFury. Visit


GLOBHE is a global drone service company using drones to create a better future.  Through the use of drones and artificial intelligence, GLOBHE is creating the next generation of smart maps as well as disrupting last mile cargo delivery.  Visit  and follow @globhedrones  on Twitter.

About SEVENsCamp:

SEVENsCamp, LLC is a commercial drone services company. We provide a variety of sUAS aerial services to include s Aerial Real Estate Video Showcasing, Aerial Search and Rescue, Aerial Security patrolling, Aerial Inspections, Aerial Video and Photography, Aerial Event Coverage and our new signature service ADAB System Aerial messaging service.  Visit

About SMG:

Sundance Media Group is a consultant within the UAS industry, providing training and speaking engagements on a variety of UAS topics:  public safety and construction implementations, night UAS flight, and cinematography techniques.  Known for best-practices training, SMG focuses on practical applied skills and risk mitigation for commercial drone/UAS use.  Visit for more information.

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