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Are you AUVSI “TOP” Certified?

That was the question at the Inspection World (WI) expo in San Diego California held earlier this year.  Abby Speicher with DartDrones presented a session on 25 things you need to know to start a drone business. She discussed a list of essential to properly implement s’UAS operations into a company, and that included AUVSI’s TOP “Trusted Operator Program”.

The session continued with AUVSI’s Tracy Lamb Vice President of Regulatory and Safety Affairs. Desi Ekstein, On The Go and Jeff Riolo, Empower UAV were panelists also to discuss AUVSI’s TOP “Trusted Operator Program”.  AUVSI offers a unique program that sets professional operators apart and at a higher standard.  Commercial drone operators demonstrate competency and proficiency.

The TOP program involves 3 levels of certification. Each with higher safety and protocols. The program can be achieved as in individual or as a company.    Level 1 is an entry level set of standards.  Level 2 becomes more detail oriented with skill, proficiency, safety and documentation.   Level 3 is the highest standard.    The 3rd level is achieved with industry specific training, proficiency, safety, skill and documentation.    Pilots and companies must pass industry standards by governing agencies for the specific field of operation.

What makes TOP “Trusted” is the safety protocols used to set the standards. This includes aviation regulations from the FAA, Civil Aviation Safety Authorities, Directorates General of Civil Aviation and others.

This level of detail and proficiency required, companies offering UAS services or hiring UAS services will look to this certification with high regard.   For more about the TOP operator program and how to become TOP certified information can be found on the AUVSI website.

Desiree Ekstein – Drone Diva Desi
Desi’s fleet of drones:  DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 Pro

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