Women To Watch Global Awards

Meet the companies shaping the future of the UAS industry.​

The team awards are awarded to a company or team lead by a woman or women play a significant role in the success of the company.

Toni Drummond

CEO, Global Aerial Management Group

Global Aerial Management Group (GAMG) identified a struggling market and has developed a solution.

Their model is using agricultural UAVs to dispense sanitizing and disinfecting agents to combat COVID19. They have focused on arenas, stadiums and large areas that could be disinfected quickly and efficiently using our technology thus helping the public get back out. They have also identified both long- and short-term sanitizing solutions that are currently being implemented in certain markets within the US.

The company has identified what they perceive is a “visually friendly” agriculture drone manufactured by Lucid Drone Technologies.  They believe the key to community acceptance is through our youth and are excited to be touring the country in a wrapped RV for drone education! They spend time at elementary schools to familiarize children with UAS technology by exposing them to both careers in the Unmanned space and inadvertently getting them educated and comfortable with drones.

In our endeavors to unravel and test drive the many new drone use cases in the agricultural space, they have identified a humanitarian post disaster recovery system. They utilize UAVs to dispense treatment of product to both kill and prevent black mold use after natural disasters in both Texas and Florida.

Pharns Genece

CEO, Unmanned Systems Operations Group, Inc

Unmanned Systems Operations Group, Inc (USOG), is an innovative systems integration and logistics solutions company.

USOG was built on the premise of “Saving lives today with the technology of tomorrow”. Although this is our tagline, we truly hope to save as many lives as possible using our advanced knowledge in technology, IOT, and edge computing relating to unmanned systems.

The company has a diverse team that constantly strives to be a part of the local community and help with STEM awareness. We work with community partners such as the Support the Enlisted Project (STEP) and Soroptimist Club to expose and teach youth about drones, programming, current and cutting-edge technologies.

USOG has developed an industry disrupting delivery system necessary to advance the drone delivery sector; our Multi-Package Delivery System (MPDS) is the first in the industry and allows drone delivery platforms to deliver 1, 2, or 3 packages at once, delivering them to the same location or 3 different locations at various delivery sites.

Meet Our Judges

Listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Antonio Cugini

Antonio Cugini

Business Development, FoxFury

Dawn Zoldi

Dawn Zoldi

Founder & CEO, 
P3Tech Consulting, Women & Drones Advisor

2019 Woman to Watch

Louise Jupp

Louise Jupp

Founder, Terreco Aviation, 
Licensed Drone Pilot
, Terreco Aviation

South Africa

Maria Cugini

Maria Cugini

Vice President, FoxFury Lighting Solutions


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