My 2020 Covid Christmas Story…

Twas a day during covid and all through the house,
everyone was bored, including the mouse…
When to my surprise I heard a sound,
It made a buzzing noise, so I got off the ground,
I ran to the window and to my surprise
A drone in the air, making circles in the sky!
I need a better look, so I ran to the door,
I searched everywhere, but it was there no more.

I tossed and turned, I could barely even sleep,
I’ve gotta have one, I know it’s not cheap.
I pinched I saved, and I searched online,
There’s so many drones, but which will be mine
I got a P4, it got high scores, its real real safe you’ll see,
I throttled it up, without looking up, and I still hit that tree
This is costing me money, what is going on,
Then I saw a class that would teach me what’s wrong.

I got into the class and since the first day,
They said pay attention, cause there’s a better way
You’re gonna learn this stuff, and have fun under the sun,
But before we get there, we begin chapter one
Mark taught us to build, and Desi to fly,
There’s too much to do, overwhelmed, oh my
If you think it’s for you, maybe even fate,
prepared to be frustrated, and even stay up late.
I passed the test, even built a drone,
I also built a boat, that’s not half of what’s shown.
But class is done, what do we do now
Join Women and Drones, or others who show how
Its sad class is done, i like everyone
But after the next morning, it’s a new day one
I didn’t expect this much change from where I stand
But I fly way better than the way it began

On Sensei, On CC, On George and Books,
On Giggles, On Facelift, On Scratch and Sticks
One more thing before we all say goodnight,
Happy Holidays to all, and enjoy your safe flights!

Copyright 2020
By Johnny “Meggz” Keeler
FAA 107 Certified