Fireside Chat Live from South Africa with Louise Jupp & Kim James
Thursday October 21, 2021

5:30 pm  Johannesburg, South Africa / 10:30 am EST  / 10:30 am CST / 8:30 am PT (USA)

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This week’s Guest Speaker:

Nicole Jenkinson

Managing Director




CrossChecks is a pioneering software tool that reinvents the way commercial RPAS Operations are managed in South Africa. Our purpose is to simplify the compliance process and free up Aviation Industry leaders from the day to day paperwork drag so they can get on with creating the as yet unimagined. CrossChecks is a complete, interactive packaged solution that allows users to plan and execute missions electronically and automatically draws the information into the flight folio and battery logs, greatly reducing the amount of paperwork and input errors. The system is able to manage your pilots and assets, storing all your essential documents in one place and providing the right information when it is needed. It also includes a closed loop hazard reporting and red-tag system and basic quality management functionality.

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