Lior Geller  was born and raised in Israel. Lior has been working in the hi-tech industry for over 10 years. Lior holds a BS in Information Systems Engineering and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Hi-Tech Management from Ben Gurion University in Israel. She has spent the majority of her career focusing on product management and has taken on numerous projects. Outside of work, Lior enjoys spending time with her amazing family and friends, maintaining a healthy and vegetarian lifestyle, traveling, doing Pilates and attending international concerts. 

Title: Head of Product

Position Description: Lior is responsible for defining and prioritizing SkyWatch.AI’s product backlog. She focuses on enhancing the product within the drone market and oversees the development of the product roadmap so that it reflects SkyWatch.AI’s overall vision and strategy. Her day to day tasks are inherently cross-functional as they require collaboration with all teams, including engineering, design, and marketing.

 How did you get into the drone industry?

My journey within the drone industry started at SkyWatch.AI almost a year ago. I wanted to get involved in an up and coming industry and saw the potential to make a big difference in the drone sector.

What do you like about your job?

The best part about being a Product Manager is seeing the ideas and features in my imagination come to life. Building and releasing technological features that make for the best experience is what gets me most excited. I enjoy looking for ways to reinvent and further develop the SkyWatch.AI app and website so that it provides users with the best tools for personalizing and simplifying their experience of obtaining drone insurance. Historically speaking, the aviation industry has a reputation of being somewhat male dominated. Knowing that I am leading the product team at SkyWatch.AI, and opposing this idea keeps me going every day!

What advice would you give a person entering a position like yours?

I want to advise and remind people entering product positions that it is okay to step out of comfort zones and seek new opportunities every day. Persistence is an admirable quality and it will take you a long way.  It is important to find a role model to learn from and always be unafraid to ask for help. This will not only allow you to trust yourself throughout the journey, but you will also explore the position for all its worth!

 What is the most important trend in your field right now?

Both in the insurtech and drone industry, professionalism and trust is everything. Startups, such as SkyWatch.AI, are disrupting the traditional ways of obtaining insurance through the use of advanced technology. In order to attract users, it is essential to prove that these methods are as professional as those established before them. Technology is making everything easier and more accessible, but human interaction is still critical when it comes to insurance policies. This, of course, builds on the idea of trust.

Pilots want to know they can trust tech companies with their insurance needs. Our product and technology must not only be efficient, but it needs to also provide ease of mind. In these markets, it is trendy to make changes every day. We release new tech features and solutions that improve our day to day tasks and it is crucial for us to keep up with the ever-changing industry, while maintaining our professionalism.

How do you define success?

For me, success can only be achieved through self-appreciation. When we like who we are, what we do, and how we are doing it – we are bound to drive great results in all aspects of our lives. When we hold ourselves accountable to worthy goals and morals, we can accomplish tasks beyond our imagination and expectations.

 If you could pick one female mentor, who would choose and why?

Throughout my career, I have always admired and looked up to Sheryl Sandberg. Sheryl has broken barriers and encouraged so many women to take on tech and leadership roles. Her ability to lead and execute change has been pivotal in bringing women into superior roles across numerous industries. She has shown the world that women are valuable employees and managers, and that we have to chase our dreams and build a career that we are passionate about. 

What do you do for fun? 

Spending time with my daughter brings me the most joy.  I absolutely love being a mother and having quality family time. I have also been a vegetarian for 6 years, so I love cooking meals that keep my diet exciting and enjoyable!


Amy is the Marketing & Communications Director for DroneUp, an aerial data collection service provider, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. Amy is the first woman in her region awarded for the development of an FAA sUAS Part 107 training program which assisted in efforts for the military and local and state emergency management.

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