A documentary about the UAS/AAM Industries

Join our journey to tell the stories about the trailblazers contributing to the development and growth of
Emerging Aviation Technologies

Trailer #1

Featuring Dr. Robin Murphy interviewed during a Disaster Response Training workshop

Location credit: Disaster City, TX
Event Host: Center for Robot Assisted Search and Rescue

Monumental Access, Commercial UAV Expo & Sony are official partners of Women and Drones

Trailer #2

Filmed during a Women and Drones Disaster Response Training workshop &
at the MultiGP Drone Racing event.

Location credits: Disaster City, TX & Muncie, IN

About the Documentary

In partnership with Monumental Access, we are creating a multi-part documentary about the people as well as innovation helping shape the developing industry known as Emerging Aviation Technolgies.

Drones, or Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) have us reimagining how goods and people will be moved in the future.  We also need to ensure the proper infrastructure and regulations are in place for safely integrating that technology, which is where Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) comes into play.

The documentary will feature interviews with educators, C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs and other industry professionals to explore their contributions, as well as the overall significance of UAS and AAM to the future of aviation.

Viewers will have an all-access look into the people and companies shaping the industry. Submit inquiries about the project to: Media@WomenAndDrones.com

Why a documentary?

Future generations will learn about the pioneering individuals who shaped the future of aviation

Public acceptance is critical to the success of new aviation technology. By sharing the stories of those leading the way, we can help foster acceptance of the technology and connections to the diverse group of innovators who were instrumental in shaping the future of aviation

Trailer #3

Filmed during the Commercial UAV Expo

Location credit: Las Vegas, NV

A snap shot of the many professionals interviewed during the Commercial UAV EXPO

Location credit: Las Vegas, NV

It’s a wrap!

Thanks to everyone participating in the documentary project. Video shorts of the interviews are expected Fall of 2023. The final documentary is expected in late 2023.