The girls learn about how drones are changing the world!

Best friends Erica and Lindsey like reading about the good things drones can do to help people and animals. Drones can drop life preservers to struggling swimmers and also help deliver medicine in some parts of the world. One of their favorite stories is how scientists use drones to check a whale’s health, by collecting snot samples!  The girls dream of piloting their own drones and are thrilled when their birthday wishes come true.  They quickly discover how much more they must learn about drone safety before they can fly.

Audience:  Ages 5 – 8

Recommended Settings:

  • Story time
  • Family time
  • Summer camps
  • After school programs
  • Home school environments

Price:  $12.99

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Video Book Review By:  Hamish Age 8, Chief Testing Officer, SheMaps, Australia.  Watch what Hamish has to say about the book

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