Two industry veterans selected to represent drone service providers

LAKEWOOD, CO, Jan. 6, 2021 – Two members of the Drone Service Providers Alliance (“DSPA”), a drone industry trade association, were selected to join the Federal Drone Advisory Committee (“DAC”). Kenji Sugahara, President and CEO of the DSPA, was officially chosen to represent the DSPA and the small and medium sized business drone service providers. Vic Moss was chosen in his individual capacity as the owner of Moss Photography and as a citizen drone advocate.

“We are ecstatic that the FAA and DOT have realized the importance of small and medium sized drone service providers in the UAS industry,” said Kenji Sugahara, CEO/President of the DSPA. “We are honored to be chosen to represent this important constituency. Small and medium sized drone service providers are the majority of UAS businesses that are actually flying and making a significant contribution to the United States economy, right now.”

“I’m very glad to see the DOT include those who actually fly drones for a living,” said Vic Moss, owner of Moss Photography and COO/VP of the DSPA. “We’re glad that our industry gets the recognition that it deserves. What’s great about Kenji and myself is that we fly for a living. We’re out there getting up at the crack of dawn, flying our drones to support our families. We know what it’s like. We’re also hobbyists.  We fly for recreation, we fly FPV, and we promise to work with our fellow enthusiasts to ensure that our voice is heard.”

The DSPA not only seeks to represent the interests of small and medium sized drone businesses, but will work to ensure that the hobby that is so important to inspiring innovation and creativity is represented at the DAC.

About DSPA

The DSPA is a drone industry trade association representing the interests of small and medium sized drone businesses. Incorporated Colorado as a non-profit membership organization, the DSPA has applied for a tax exemption as an industry trade group under section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue Code.  For more information visit