Daily my company Master Your Drone receives phone calls and emails from inquiring minds wanting to learn more about drone technology. From the senior in High School looking to start their own side business to the Workforce Development Organization seeking to integrate drone technology into their current programs, drone technology is more in demand than ever before.

As an entrepreneur in the drone world I get the joy of sharing my vision and passion for drone technology with the consumer market. I knew this was the future! The FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification validates and secures the future of UAS. As laws become more defined the market for drone technology opens up. Rules, regulations, and accountability will assist to move the technology forward and educate the consumer.

The job market for experienced Part 107 Remote Pilots is growing as well. All over the USA companies are offering UAS pilots ground level opportunities to integrate drone technology into the company culture. I recently trained a professional whose company does historical restoration in Philadelphia. Due to the risk of hanging off buildings to get photos of deteriorating facade, the company decided to reduce risk by incorporating drone technology to vertically fly the building and collect high resolution, detailed images with a Phantom 4 V.2. Another example is a check cashing company that deals with break in’s daily. Using drones to inspect buildings and document break in attempts visually has created a safer environment for employees and saved the company money. These are a couple of invaluable aspects of drones making a big impact in private enterprise.

The upcoming year 2020 started out fast and furious with the proposed FAA Remote ID NPRM controversy, utility inspection contracts and drone delivery. Drone technology is becoming the new normal for risk mitigation and deliverable goods. As I mentioned “drones are the future and the future is now. Drone integration in my opinion is in its infancy. UAS education and flight proficiency are the keys to success. “A good pilot is always learning” states one of my team members who is a manned aircraft pilot and is passionate about flying drones. I totally agree. I am learning every day in so many ways and love every minute of my drone life!

When you are in the Philadelphia area look me up. We can grab a Philly cheesesteak and capture some aerial photos of the historical landmarks that define our great country. The view from the sky is spectacular!

Kim Players
First Lady of Drones
CEO of MasterYourDrone.com