Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Professional Education Opportunities

Separate yourself from others and advance your education! This is why Women and Drones has partnered with one of the best academic institutions that is focused on aviation education.

Professional education courses are available for everyone, from aviation beginners to seasoned pilots, catering to your needs and interests.

Now is a great time to begin your Embry-Riddle professional education and start networking with today’s aviation innovators!

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Remember to identify yourself as being affiliated with Women and Drones on your Student Profile.

Question and Answers

What is the purpose of Women and Drones partnering with ERAU?

Both organizations seek to promote, inspire, and support the growth of women in pursuit of careers in STEM and aviation/aerospace fields. The partnership focuses on the educational development of women in this evolving industry.

Who is eligible to participate in the Women and Drones professional education opportunities programs?

Anyone in the Women and Drones community interested in aviation and aerospace careers may enroll in professional education courses. Registration for ERAU degree programs requires an educational background appropriate for the level of the courses.

How does this Women and Drones - ERAU partnership support career advancement in aviation and aerospace?

The courses and programs are tailored to a broad set of aviation skills, to advance and engage students with realistic, expected performance, and context aligned to evolving changes in the job market.

ERAU certifications and certificate programs are industry-recognized. Also, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are earned with course completion, and can be applied to lifelong learning and continuous improvement programs within aviation industry employers. Certificates of completion are provided for all courses successfully completed, documenting the CEUs earned.

The professional education instructors are industry subject matter experts, and readily network with students to assist them in seeking career opportunities.

What types of professional education opportunities are available through the Women and Drones partnership?

A vast selection of aviation-related courses, certificate programs, and training sessions represent uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS); management and leadership; safety and risk; business and finance; ground schools; pilot and crew; cybersecurity; and, engineering and maintenance categories. ERAU professional education encourages prospective students to search and review the courses within the catalog.

How long does it take to complete professional education courses at ERAU?

The typical duration of courses is 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks. There are self-guided courses that extend for a year.

What are the learning formats for ERAU professional education opportunities?

Worldwide professional education courses and programs are all conducted online as asynchronous learning, accessed through the learning management system. There are a few courses that may convene as workshops, or have short residency requirements.

Will I have the opportunity to seek advisement for professional education courses and programs to suit my needs?

The Office of Professional Education staff is available for course advisement. Contact them via email at training@erau.edu or telephone (386) 481-9070.

What are the professional education enrollment requirements, and are there any prerequisites for enrolling in certificate programs?

Professional education courses are open enrollment, requiring no application.

There are a few advanced courses and certificates that have technical skills requirements, and these prerequisites are delineated in the courses’ descriptions.

How can I enroll in courses under the Women and Drones partnership?

First, create a student profile within the educational system, ensuring that you select Women and Drones as your Educational Alliance Partner.

Then, you review and select professional education courses within the professional education catalog. Each course detail page provides learning scope, resources, and session dates. You enroll by selecting the session hyperlinks, that take you through the enrollment and purchase steps.

You may also search for courses via the calendar, as courses begin the first day of each month. You can select the course session that interests you, and enroll by clicking the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the session page. You will be prompted through the enrollment and payment process.

Students may also enroll in degree courses and programs through the regular ERAU admissions application process.

What are the forms of payment ERAU accepts for professional education courses?

Payment is processed online via self-pay, by credit card only.

Is financial aid, tuition assistance, or scholarships available for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s professional education opportunities?

At the moment, these options are not extended for professional education programs. Some industry employers offer partial or full tuition coverage as part of their continuing educational programs. Contact your employer to determine if this support is available.

The ERAU Office of Professional Education staff is ready to assist you in understanding how these employer-funded programs are instituted. Contact them via email at training@erau.edu or telephone (386) 481-9070.

What are the course add/drop and refund policies for professional education courses?

All professional education courses have a four-business day Add/Drop period after the published start date.

No refunds will be issued after the Add/Drop period, and a 25% Administration fee will be charged for any transfers to a later session.

What materials and resources are required for ERAU professional education courses and certificate programs?

Students will need a laptop, personal computer or tablet, and internet service for all professional education online courses. Very few courses require any purchased textbook or materials, and those are identified with purchase information on the course details page.

Who can I contact for answers to additional questions?

Additional questions may be directed to training@erau.edu or (386) 481-9070

Women and Drones may be compensated for purchases.