Aquiline Drones encourages women to become FAA Certified through flight to the future business training program

(Hartford, CT) – January 26, 2020 –Aquiline Drones (AD) – America’s fastest-growing drone technology company, is encouraging more women drone professionals and enthusiasts to enroll in its exclusive and exciting entrepreneurial initiative Flight to the Future following the success of its current female students.  Accessed via, this unique drone training and small business start-up program targets all Americans, especially those affected by the pandemic by using advanced technology to create high-paying jobs to help transform the current unemployment landscape.

“As a diverse organization in which women comprise 40% of our management roles, we are committed to growing the ranks of female drone operators within this $127 billion dollar industry,” said Barry Alexander, CEO and Founder of Aquiline Drones. “Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and we hope to register upwards of one million small drone businesses through this program by the end of 2021,” adds Alexander.

Alexander notes that in 2019, only 7% of FAA remote pilots are women and as such has made it his mission to increase opportunities in the UAS sector.

Specifically, AD’s Flight to the Future training course prepares a participant to become a fully licensed drone pilot and business operator in four easy steps:

  • Pilot Trained and FAA Certified – Comprehensive online curriculum and real-time, one-on-one instruction features flight training that uses an online simulator and in-person sessions with a training drone. After successfully passing the FAA examination, the AD instructor will secure the official certification.
  • AD Cloud Immersion – A dedicated cloud for drone operations with edge computing and built-in analytics. All program participants will be provided with a free subscription to the AD Cloud for six months to conquer its Command and Control capabilities and interactive online content. Additionally, enrollees have access to a customized Flight to the Future dashboard, where one can begin working towards an independent drone business. When the business operation launches, this dashboard will send drone job opportunities and integrate with the Command and Control module to assign drone missions with proper FAA authorizations.
  • Master a Specific Industry Application – Specialized, online simulator and flight training will optimize one’s drone and cloud skills to master a specific use case.  Program participants may choose from eight different areas of concentration.
  • Small Drone Business – Full business setup including business registration, insurance, virtual administrative support as well as AD’s Drones On Demand Service (DDS) on-boarding process for viable and continuous work opportunities.

Alexander explains that Aquiline Drones’ Flight to the Future system utilizes the most sophisticated technological platform to achieve its goals, including AD’s proprietary digital agent Spartacus that provides feedback throughout a participant’s curriculum and training. Spartacus then becomes a job advisor once the individual establishes his or her business by forwarding lists of requests for actual drone opportunities and missions.

Further, Alexander emphasizes that the financial commitment is well worth the return on investment as Aquiline Drones’ Flight to the Future program ranges in cost from $799 for a licensed pilot to $999 for the public and takes as little as 12 weeks to complete the course depending on level of experience.

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About Aquiline Drones

Aquiline Drones is an independent, American drone company founded by highly experienced aviators, systems engineers and IT gurus.  With a customer-centric model, US-based manufacturing and supply chain and world-class MRO services, the company offers innovative and successful ways for using drones in commercial activities.

Supported by a dedicated UAV cloud and real-time OS, autonomous drone operations with real-time control and dynamic in-field decision making capabilities, Aquiline Drones’ full-spectrum of technological solutions provide a more expansive and deeper applicability across countless industries and environments by delivering real-time data insights.  Aerospace-compliant processes for software, hardware manufacturing and systems integration, along with best-in-class mission capabilities are being planned and designed as the company continues to forge relationships with Federal, State and private organizations in an effort to develop and launch new drone system applications in a collaborative manner.  Visit for more information.

PHOTO: Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones, is committed to increasing the presence of FAA-certified female drone pilots to operate a new line of sophisticated drones through his company’s Flight to the Future program to fulfill the increasing demand for commercial drone missions across the nation.

Contact: Alisa Picerno, MBA; Chief Communications Officer; 860.869.1509;



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Contact: Alisa Picerno, MBA; Chief Communications Officer; 860.869.1509;