Women And Drones member Skip Fredricks of Hollywood Drones will present a direct and fast hitting webinar, to get you in the air and get you paid!

Skip will present a no frills “crash”course on the minimums you need to do to fly and film to generate some cash flow and build your flight hours.

The webinar will target real-estate work, as it is the low hanging fruit and is available everywhere. It will cover the mandatory photo and videos realtors expect. How to get those shots quickly. How to connect with job sourcing sites, which are best and worse. 

Skip will also share how to build out a fast website.

Thursday, June 25, 2020
8:30 pm EST   7:30 pm CST   5:30 PDT

Here’s what Skip will share in this fast paced webinar:

  • How to build out a fast website
  • How to expand out from houses to events including weddings
  • The basic shots and techniques used can be applied to or lay the foundation for professional video work such as music videos, concerts, and even local TV.
  • He will discuss the drones needed
  • The minimum to get going and get paid!

The webinar will be hosted by Women And Drones members Desi Ekstein and Kim Players.


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