DroneUp was founded in 2016 and has quickly grown to become a global company that focuses on drone pilots, data, delivery, and solutions. At the core of their business is a pilot network verified by an in-app Mission MatchTM technology that allows them to connect business and government organizations to drone pilots. In addition to flight services, DroneUp connects clients to resources precisely delivering in-house development, regulatory consulting, research, equipment, training, and analysis.

Part 107 Certified Drone Pilots are at the center of DroneUp’s business. Each drone pilot builds a profile on the DroneUp mobile app, free in the Google Play and Apple stores. Missions or projects are posted across the network to match DroneUp’s clients’ requirements with a pilot or pilots who have been verified to meet the scope of work for the mission. Pilots can expect to see jobs once, several times, or never depending on their location. This is due to DroneUp’s business model serving their client’s location specifications rather than being a job board. As demand for drone jobs increases across the globe, so do DroneUp missions.

Marketing & Communications Director, Amy Wiegand reported, “5% of DroneUp’s network, globally are female pilots. This directly aligns with industry growth. We look forward to seeing women continue to find value in drone technology careers and utilize our platform to aid in the growth of their drone operations.”

Drone pilots are secured through a verification process which includes identifying their location, their pilot equipment and assets, their credentials such as certifications and waivers, and through DroneUp’s badging program which identifies the accomplishments of each pilot.

DroneUp missions are detailed in-app and pushed out during the notification phase. Each mission includes estimated flight time, location of the mission, job description, deliverable description, and rate of pay. Also, all missions are covered up to 5 million in liability insurance, and LAANC is offered in the mobile app for airspace planning and authorization.

Each mission is different pending the clients’ requirements in which DroneUp serves several industries and agencies as a data and delivery solutions provider. Those include but are not limited to construction, property management, facilities management, storm damage assessment, retail, transportation, energy & utilities, emergency services, law enforcement, government agency projects, and for marketing purposes.

To round out their complete drone solutions mantra, in April of 2020 DroneUp expanded their offerings to included drone program implementation, waiver consulting and creation, and training. A company or individual working with DroneUp can train for the Part 107 test, learn about creating waivers, hire DroneUp for waiver creation, train to and understand the process of building an in-house drone program. For companies looking to understand liability and mitigate risk, DroneUp’s go-to consultation provides an end-to-end customer service experience. In addition, DroneUp offers its clients value-added equipment rates and financing options.

Clients interested in research and development come to DroneUp with projects that have tested the limits on Part 107 waivers such as the collaboration with UPS and The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology’s’ Operation Last Mile: A Critical Drone Delivery. And, the Department of Transportation’s Grade Crossing Analysis which exercised the differences and effectiveness of using photogrammetry vs LiDAR.

To generate community engagement DroneUp recently petitioned the Unicode Consortium for approval of a drone emoji. “There is a misconception that the emoji will DroneUp branded”, Wiegand stated, “And, that is not possible. However, emoji are sent over five billion times a day on Facebook alone according to emojipedia.org. By bringing a drone emoji to keyboards everywhere, it will represent a subset of aerial vehicles and technology we do not currently have. This supports the visibility of the drone industry on a global scale in a fun manner. These efforts are not meant to be serious, but they are impactful to creating synergy for use in everyday modern communication.”

Creating and connecting communities, evolving education, serving their clients whether with data, delivery, or analysis, and driving the message of safety is a focus at DroneUp. Pilots, clients, and industry partners are invited to join their Facebook Community Group for drone conversations and follow their business network on LinkedIn. For more information log on to droneup.com.

Article and images submitted by:

Amy Wiegand
Marketing & Communications Director