Chicago, IL – December 2023 – Drone enthusiasts now have an exciting new destination for flying their drones with the official opening of the 40-acre Drone Zone Sanctuary in Borrego Springs, California. The grand opening event in November marked the beginning of a community-driven space where enthusiasts can come together to explore, learn, and push the boundaries of drone technology.

“We are thrilled to finally open the doors of the Drone Zone Sanctuary,” said owner Eric Hanscom. “This goes beyond being just a place to fly drones. It is a space where passion meets innovation, fostering a community where enthusiasts can learn, create, and share their love for drone technology.”

The Drone Zone Sanctuary prioritizes the safety and comfort of all enthusiasts by providing a harassment-free environment. From novice pilots to seasoned professionals, the sanctuary offers vast training grounds where pilots can refine their skills and push the limits of their drones. The grand opening event garnered the support of Women and Drones members, showcasing the inclusive and diverse nature of the drone community.

“The event saw a diverse range of drones taking to the skies, with pilots of all skill levels sharing tips, tricks, and experiences,” shared Drone Pilot Desi Ekstein, who represented Women and Drones at the grand opening.

Located in the picturesque landscape of Borrego Springs, the sanctuary offers a breathtaking backdrop for pilots to test their skills while enjoying the beauty of the area. Eric Hanscom believes that the Drone Zone Sanctuary will revolutionize the drone community, stating, “we believe that this sanctuary will be a game-changer, providing enthusiasts with an exclusive space to explore and fly a variety of drones, creating an ideal destination for those seeking adventure and excitement.”  The sanctuary aims to foster creativity, learning, and the pure joy of flight, serving as a platform for enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals and explore the limitless possibilities of drone technology.

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About Drone Zone Sanctuary:

Drone Zone Sanctuary is a premier destination for drone enthusiasts, offering a vast and safe space in Borrego Springs, California, for exploring, testing, and enjoying the thrill of flying drones. With a strong emphasis on community and inclusivity, Drone Zone Sanctuary seeks to inspire and empower individuals to embrace the exciting possibilities of unmanned aerial vehicles.