DroneHive is a corporate member of Women and Drones and a featured company on the Women and Drones Job Board. Based in Park City, UT, DroneHive is led by CEO Paul Huish and a team of unmanned aerial operations leaders, are pioneers in using drones for commercial applications. Paul founded DroneHive in 2016 to fill the need that corporations have for professional drone expert services.

DroneHive is the leading provider of expert services for aerial data collection. They help corporations collect accurate aerial data, enabling them to make better and more efficient operational decisions.  By using DroneHive to develop and manage aerial data collection, corporations don’t have to waste time trying to understand complex drone rules, regulations and safety.

Aerial data collection is especially useful in construction, energy, security, insurance, civil engineering, agriculture, real estate and property management – all industries that do inspection and surveillance regularly.  With a nationwide network of more than 1000 professional drone consultants and operators, DroneHive is ready to help corporations integrate aerial data collection into their business models.

DroneHive has been working with major global technology companies, including Wing the UAS division of Google, a national industrial equipment firm, the world’s second largest solar company and many other organizations.

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Article written by Dr. Tulinda Larsen

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