Photo: Kashmir presenting at “STEMforHER”

By age seven many kids have a variety of interests ranging from sports to music to playing with friends, just to name a few.  And, there’s a growing number of young children discovering the wonders of STEM.  At seven-years-old, Kashmir Pandolfi is very focused on her love for drones.  Although she’s only in the second grade Kashmir knows how to build, program and fly drones to help protect endangered species. She’s also learning Python so she can help with the deep learn neural networks that are embedded on the custom drones she is building. She has built a drone that has Raspberry Pi and a camera.  Kashmir now wants to learn programming so she can be involved with training the onboard computers with artificial intelligence.

Kashmir loves animals.  She has travelled to South Africa to help with the rhino and elephant drone projects.  She’s also been to Mexico and Costa Rica to help with the Sea Turtle MiSHELL Drone Project.  Recently, she traveled to Brazil for the Fly for Conservation Workshop.

Here in the states she has expanded her drone education efforts.  In March, for her school’s talent show she created a fashion show about endangered species and the use of drones. It’s the first time anyone’s done anything like that for a school talent show.  She’s so creative!

She’s also helped at an afterschool SuperHero drone girls workshop with 15 students who learned to build, program and fly drones.  She has spoken at several Girls in Technology events about endangered species, drones, their applications and building drones for custom missions. Recently, Kashmir gave a talk to 125 high school girls for STEMforHer “A Day of Technology for High School Girls”.

Kashmir can now add book reviewer to her list of many talents.  She was kind enough to take time out from her busy schedule to review the first two books in our Drone Girls series.  Below are the links to her video book reviews:

Drone Girls And The Airshow Adventure  book review by Kashmir

Drone Girls And The Wonders Of Whale Snot  book review by Kashmir



Information contained in this article was provided by Aliyah Pandolfi the proud mother of this smart, talented and adorable seven year old.