The International Innovation Centers (IIC) is a think tank for Smart Cities. It offers workshops, seminars, webinars, and consulting services to cities, organizations, and professional societies that are interested in moving the needle of “smart” to a higher level. IIC is a virtual enterprise. Its members have implemented Smart Cities in Dublin, Barcelona, Lisbon, Dubai, and Nairobi. Currently, the focus is on helping 3 US cities. IIC has an extensive online library of presentation materials and articles pertaining to Smart Cities.

IIC has accumulated well over 3000 slides pertaining to Smart Cities from all over the world. It offers customized workshops that can last from 4 hours to 2 days. Its consulting services include helping cities with funding efforts (PPP, Federal Government grants, bonds, taxes), urban development plans, economic development plans, and improving QoL plans.

Submitted by:
Phil Andrews
Managing Director
International Innovation Centers