Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies – Executive Council
Wednesday October 4,  2023

1:00 pm EST / 12:00 am CST / 11:00 am MT / 10:00 am PT

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Guest Speaker: 

Ramon Roche
General Manager
Dronecode Foundation

Ramon will give an overview of the last decade of developments in the aerial robotics industry and how the seemingly slow-moving industry has changed the paradigm for enabling technology, but most importantly, what we need to pay attention to when it comes to R&D to avoid common pitfalls.

He will also share his point of view from an software engineer at 3D Robotics, when he joined before the Solo back in the DIY days, how 3DR shifted from DIY to smart drones, and how they managed to do it with open technologies, and most importantly what they did to keep them strong for the next decades. He’s also going to share his perspective on the industry from his involvement with some of the top companies thanks to his continued work in open source at the Dronecode Foundation, and how open source and open standards continue to push the boundaries and enable companies to develop quicker and turn around prototypes in days not months.

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