Give your students a real world geospatial education

You use spatial technology every single day. Google Maps, GPS, location services on your phone – and that’s just scratching the surface. It’s an industry and an area of technology that is booming.

Map My School makes this technology accessible to students and allows them to experience a highly relevant real world application. The hands-on nature, and ownership that students take of the project, gives them a crucial taste of what a career in STEM might look like. 

Here’s what teachers think

What you get!

This course will give you EVERYTHING you need to bring GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGY into your classroom. 

Video Tutorials

You are given a step-by-step video tutorial through everything! Giving you confidence on how to use the software and achieve the mapping outcome. 


How To Guide

This is like a recipe book for everything that you need to do to map your school using GIS technology. Step by step guides with screenshots and fully explained demonstration videos will help to keep you on track.


Trouble Shooting Guide

Having taught GIS for 20 years, I can help you troubleshoot just about everything in this area!

Ask the Expert

Get support through “Ask the Expert” chats to get your questions answered, and ideas broadened by the course creator!


Curriculum Mapping

We’ve mapped our classroom activities to the US National Standards.  Activities are suitable for grades 7-12.

Student Challenge

We provide a clear student challenge so your students can produce an assessable outcome, mapping the amount of shade on your school campus.

Enroll Now

Start now and be confident with using the technology within 5 hours!



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Dr Karen Joyce


Dr. Karen Joyce is the Education Director for She Maps and has worked as a Geospatial scientist for 20 years for government, industry, the military and academia. She has been involved in tertiary education since the late ’90s, and online education for the past ten years.

Karen has also been actively working with primary and secondary schools around Australia and the US to bring her geospatial ‘edutainment’ programs to life, particularly for girls. “It’s amazing what we can map, measure, and ultimately monitor from above to take care of our environment.”




We stand by our products as we have tested them with thousands of students and teachers, so we know they work. But, if they don’t work for you, then just let us know and we will refund your money within 30 days of purchase.



Education Director, She Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

If its not in here, just ask us! 

Do I need a drone at my school to undertake this course?

Nope! This course is all about using online satellite data and geospatial analyses.

Are there any pre-requisites for doing this course?

Not at all. While it is useful to have some level of geography training, we don’t assume this knowledge and will be starting from scratch. We do expect a reasonable level of computer literacy.

What else do I need to start the course?

You need to have a computer with a Windows operating system. The software we use will not run on a Mac without Bootcamp or Parallels installed. You also must be a teacher in a school to be eligible for the free software license.

We already have ArcMap at our school. Is it the same as ArcGIS Pro?

Same company (ESRI), but no. ArcMap is being phased out and will eventually be replaced by ArcGIS Pro. Our industry colleagues are all moving towards ArcGIS Pro. But never fear – just contact ESRI and you can get a free license for this anyway.

Can I use a different GIS software such as QGIS for this course?

All of the instructions and demonstrations are given using ArcGIS Pro, so while the concepts are the same in different software packages, it will be difficult to follow along when often the terminology for different functions is different.

Is it running face-to-face or online?

This course is 100% online. For F2F options, please email us

Is this online version the same as the face-to-face option?

Yes and no 🙂 While the curriculum is the same, in our F2F programs, you experience the learning from a students’ perspective in a fairly intense full day session. Through the online portal you can also take your time and re-visit our learning points, videos, resources, and lesson plans as often as you like. You control when and where you want to do this, as long as you have wifi 🙂

What age group do you recommend for working through this exercise?

We have tested the materials with people aged 7-70! No kidding 🙂 How you implement it in your classroom will depend on how much hand holding you are prepared to do and the length of time you wish to take on the activity. Students in grades six and upwards should be able to follow through the materials using the how-to guide and videos for themselves. Younger students will need more attention. If you wish to stretch older students, then it’s all about looking at the quality of work they produce, and their depth of analysis / understanding.

When does it start?

You can access all of the resources as soon as you purchase the course. We hold regular LIVE Ask the Expert calls so you can have your questions answered, no matter when you start the course.

When does it finish?

This course will be open for you to explore, download the resources and attend the Ask the Expert calls for six months from the date of purchase.

Can the course be undertaken at any time within the start / end date? i.e. I normally do this type of PD in the evenings.

Absolutely! Whenever you like, totally flexible.

When will the 'ask the expert calls' take place?

We will schedule these for after school / early evening to accommodate our members in US time zones. If you submit questions ahead of time, the calls will be recorded so you can catch up if you miss the live chat.

How long will the course take?

We have structured the course into four blocks of one week each. We estimate that it’s likely to take you about two hours per week to complete the materials. Having said that, it’s self-paced, so this is entirely up to you. It will depend on your incoming level of expertise and the degree to which you explore all of the resources. For example, we have many optional suggested links and readings that might be of interest to expand your learning, but not necessarily mission critical. 

I can find some GIS lesson plans online for free - how is your course different?

This course goes far beyond a series of  discrete lesson plans. The comprehensive how-to guide and extensive video demonstrations are designed not only to teach you how to use GIS to create maps, but to also support your students in doing so. The materials have been created and tested by our Education Director, Dr Karen Joyce, who has been teaching GIS for the past 20 years. She has also been teaching in the online environment for ten years, so she knows how to create resources that work! You will also have first hand access to her during our ‘ask the expert’ chats where you can join our online webinar to delve deeper or broader on any topic you need.

The course looks great, but we are already doing this sort of stuff at our school - do you offer anything more advanced?

Our next online course will teach you how to use drones for capturing geospatial data and incorporating that into GIS. Let us know if you are interested in either of these and we’ll make sure that we keep you updated!

Are there any additional costs for the course?

No extra fees, as long as you have a computer with Windows installed and you are a teacher in a school (software is provided free to schools).

Do I need to take any time off my classes during the day to complete various components?

Not at all – feel free to follow along as you like.