Martina Jerabek, Office and Operations Manager at Dimetor is the only female amongst seven men. Together they make an excellent team, especially as she fuels them with home-made cookies and muffins. Martina and guys are super excited for the future, and the unknown opportunities that are yet to be realised. The drone industry has totally won Martina over, to the point where she now has her own drone. 

Focusing on the operational side of the business, Martina works with truly talented and visionary leaders which further fuels her passion for drones and innovation.

Martina is a ‘behind the scenes lady’ but plays a vital role in ensuring smooth coordination of the company. She oversees the necessary administrative requirements, marketing activities, financial needs, and commitments. Her role is crucial for the company, as Martina doesn’t get too involved with the scientific side, planning, programming, and innovation, but comes into her own once the main work is done and make sure the customer and stakeholders experience is excellent.

Martina is an organised and accurate action taker that works at pace – one of the main reasons why she chose to work in the tech industry. Martina says “Working together with industry leaders motivates me every single day to think outside of the box and find new perspectives. I truly believe the positive impact of drones in our society is yet to be seen, and I am especially excited about the potential improvement in sustainability in aviation as a whole!”

The excitement that came across from Martina as she explained Dimetor’s latest product, AirborneRF, was contagious. AirborneRF has been created to bridge the gap between mobile network operators and aviation, automating the secure exchange of data for safe drone flights. The team can’t wait for the unlimited potential of this product to kick-in, as it is set to be the next big game changer. Martina is also looking forward to the challenge in promoting a ‘new to market’ product and seeing how this develops.

She believes in that excellent working relationships and playing to one another’s strengths are essential. Every good business needs well organised operations and processes to keep the whole team, and wider network, focused and happy.

“It is essential that we built diverse teams in a start-up environment to build a product tailored to different user needs and views. I would like to see more women involved in the drone industry and Dimeter is always looking for talents to grow our team”, says Thomas Neubauer, Co-founder of Dimetor.

Article and images submitted by Eszter Kovacs