Kim spent over 20 years in the investment banking industry in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. She has a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Middlesex University and is a Chartered HR Professional of the SA Board of People Practices. Kim is now fortunate enough to be using her global experience gained in a highly regulated and structured industry, in the aviation field back in South Africa.

Kim is a Director of the SACAA-certified drone operation, UAV Aerial Works and the company’s drone security brand, Drone Guards, as well as the regulatory Safety and Security post holder for UAV Aerial Works.

As part of our series on the “Trailblazing Women of the African Drone Industry” Kim James sat down with Louise Jupp, Women and Drones African Advisor for an interview. In the Zoom interview Kim discusses:

  • What attracted Kim to the drone industry
  • What keeps Kim in the drone industry
  • Who has inspired Kim
  • Roles Kim already sees women are playing and opportunities for the future
  • Challenges Kim has have faced
  • Kim’s thoughts on the drone scene for women in Africa
  • Advise Kim would offer anyone looking at this industry

You can watch Kim’s complete interview here: Kim James, Trailblazer in the African Drone Industry

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