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Urban Air Mobility. Package Delivery. Medical Delivery. Counter UAS. Cybersecurity. 2019 was an incredibly exciting year with lots of buzz around these new and evolving applications and issues related to drones. Advances in technology continue to increase the safety and redundancy of UAS systems facilitating greater integration into the National Airspace System.

As more advanced applications of UAS are developed and implemented Unmanned Safety Institute is seeing more companies performing higher risk, more complex operations continuing to embrace a professional-mindset by developing formalized UAS programs. We’re particularly seeing this in the energy, telecommunications, public safety, and construction sectors. Having spent much of my aviation career in business aviation, I’m especially excited to see this adoption taking place.

Unmanned Safety Institute believes there will be a continued recognition, adoption, and integration of traditional manned aviation best practices and procedures into the UAS ecosystem. Manned aviation has 100+ years of lessons learned in safety, risk management, crew resource management, and human factors. As companies scale their UAS programs these lessons, the “goodness of aviation” so to speak, will take on greater importance with increased adoption and implementation into their operations and creation of formalized programs. Additionally, the need for standardized maintenance procedures, quality management, and audit programs (both internal and external) will start to become integrated into UAS programs across all industries and verticals. In an era of consolidation, this professional mindset adoption will continue to legitimize and to grow the industry and opportunities for established players. Requiring pilots, operations staff, maintenance and other personnel to go beyond basic certification and proficiency will create the next generation of industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators.

We’re excited to be part of this amazing time and to help grow the aviation industry and workforce   – Happy 2020!

Michelle Dina
Director of Education
Unmanned Safety Institute


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