The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program, was founded as a result of recognizing, #1 the need for this technology, #2 the shortfall in funding of this technology for many departments across the country. The mission established by our distinguished Board of Directors for NPS-DDP echoes this belief in our foundation statement with the vision and determination to help place “Eyes in the sky for every department in need NPS-DDP understands that need and every day that passes for public safety departments without earmarked funding for the implementation of UAV /UAS technology, and the communities they serve, that both lives and property could be saved.” According to Joyce Recchia, Vice President and CFO.

NPS-DPP mandate as a foundation is to seek public, corporate, and Industry support, while educating the general public, as well as municipalities, of the absolute importance of placing these tools in the hands of those that need them most to enhance the skill set of the brave men and women within all public safety agencies across the globe.

NPS-DPP main focus will continue to be on the support of the many smaller underfunded volunteer departments across the country that don’t have access to the needed funding for support to seek grants and other resources, although any sized and type of public safety agency may submit their application.

Article and images submitted by Mark Langley.