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Our Mission

Women and Drones and NPS-DDP have established an outreach program to donate drones to STEM and educational programs. As new technology comes in and older drones get shelved, drones will be recycled and made available to STEM programs across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

Middle school and high school focused STEM programs based in the USA.

Is there a cost participate?

While there is no cost to apply for our drone donation, we require the selected organization to pay the cost of shipping of the drone. Shipping fees are expected to average approximately $35 USD.

How often will a drone be donated?

The frequency of the drone donations will depend on the drones we receive that can no longer be safely used by public safety officials.

Terms and Conditions

  • Drone donations will be made to nonprofit STEM organizations and schools with a focus on middle school and high school age students.
  • The type and number of drones available for donation is solely dependent on the donations received.
  • A panel of judges from Women and Drones and NPS-DDP will select the organizations to receive the drones.
  • Drone donations are available to organizations based in the USA.
  • The selected organization/school is required to pay for shipping.
  • Images of the drone in use and a quote from the appropriate adult within your organization will be requested for use in a press release
  • Program subject to change without notice.
  • Donation decisions by the judges are final.

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Specifically address, what the students will learn. Examples include learning activities for any of the following: Will they learn how to build, code, fly or repair drones? Is there a plan for students to pursue securing a pilot's license?
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