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“We are delighted to partner with Women And Drones to offer a permanent membership discount to female pilots in the W&D network. There are still so few women in this industry and our goal is to help grow those numbers and support female drone pilots as best we can”
                     Susan Talbot – Co-Founder, Skytango

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Tripod or monopod adapter for Mavic series remote controllers

Co-Pilot for Mavic series Tripod or monopad adapter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone age 21 years and over and residing in the USA may participate. Note:  Vendors may have other requirements or restrictions.

Who do I contact with questions about the product or how to use the product?

Questions about the offer, the product or the use of the product should be directed to the product sponsor listed in the description for each offer.

Official Rules

  • Sponsors may discontinue offer without notice.
  • Some special offers may only be available to residents of the USA.

Women And Drones, LLC bears no responsibility for information provided by the sponsors of each offer, costs/expenses/fees associated with redeeming the offer, liability associated with product use or travel

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