The Online Training You Need to Succeed with STEM

On-demand curriculum mapped courses and resources for teachers



You’re expected to teach the skills of tomorrow

But, there’s a problem…

STEM only seems to be getting more complicated.  You’re under pressure to deliver “STEM outcomes”, but there’s zero clarity on what you should be doing  Traditional training is too slow and too expensive — and it’s all theory, with no clear implementation plan.


Orbit prepares you to bring practical drone and geospatial lessons into your classroom and increase your value to your students and the school.

Curriculum mapped courses to get on top of STEM

Orbit includes everything you need to bring drones and geospatial technology into your classroom

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A Partnership To Bring Drones Into The Classroom

Women And Drones has partnered with She Maps, an Australian company that specializes in supporting teachers to bring drones into their classrooms! And, they have mapped the resources to the US Education Standards!

The She Maps online Teacher Professional Development courses will give you EVERYTHING you need to bring DRONES into your classroom. All the lesson plans, all the activities, step by step set up instructions AND the live support from Dr. Karen Joyce!