CHICAGO, IL, USA, August 4, 2023 –  With a goal to encourage more female participation, Women and Drones is proud to partner with AZDroneFest, the premier international drone film festival and expo. The event takes place October 7th at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. It is dedicated to educating, promoting, cultivating and celebrating the art of aerial cinematography and UAS technology. The festival showcases the finest drone films from talented filmmakers worldwide while also providing a free, family-friendly atmosphere with engaging demonstrations and vendors for industry professionals.

In addition to the film festival, the event offers a cutting-edge expo, featuring industry-leading speakers and presentations. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, AZDroneFest empowers and inspires the drone community while shaping the future of aerial cinematography.

“We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Women and Drones, a pioneering organization committed to championing female participation in the UAS/AAM industry,” says AZDronefest President Chris Tinard.  “This collaboration reflects AZDroneFest’s mission to educate, promote, cultivate, and celebrate UAS technology and the art of aerial cinematography by connecting all pilots within the drone community. Together, we aim to empower and inspire women to excel in this dynamic sector of the global economy. By fostering excellence and innovation through this partnership, we believe we can shape a brighter future for the entire industry.”

This initiative aims to support and highlight the remarkable talent and creativity of women in the aerial cinematography industry.  According to Women and Drones Founder and CEO Sharon Rossmark,  “We value this partnership as an opportunity for women to showcase their work and be part of an inspiring community of drone enthusiasts.”

As a testament to the commitment to inclusivity, AZDroneFest is offering a special discount to women who submit their films to the festival. Using the promo code “WWD50” at the time of entry, women filmmakers will receive a 50% discount on the entry fee. Early bird deadline to submit films is August 20th, regular deadline is September 15th.  To submit films and for more information on the categories visit:

About Women and Drones 

Women and Drones is a leading  organization dedicated to driving excellence in the uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry by advocating for female participation in this dynamic segment of the global economy. Success is being achieved by partnering with companies committed to an inclusive culture where women can thrive. Programs range from kindergarten to career in efforts to balance the gender equation in the industry now, as well as for the future of flight. Find out more by visiting

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