AAM Market Overview Course with Bill Johnson


This course will give you an overview of the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry, which is an emerging sector that aims to provide safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions for people and goods.

This course is a live presentation (via Zoom) with Q&A, where you will have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and ask questions. It is a great way to understand the market dynamics of the AAM industry and gain insights into its future potential and opportunities.


Designed to provide teams (max 5 participants please) from smaller start-up companies just entering the AAM market (manufacturers, operators or second tier suppliers) or local/tribal/regional governmental organizations looking learn about this revolution in aviation, and how it could open new business opportunities, impact current administrative functions, or effect customers or constituents.

During this two hour session you will learn about the background and history of AAM, the main factors that drive and hinder its growth, the different sub-markets and segments within AAM, the expected timelines and milestones for AAM development and deployment, the key suppliers and technologies that support AAM operations, and the competitive landscape and challenges that AAM faces.

Presentations will be recorded and, within one week, delivered to the participants for their private review and records.

Presentations will be considered proprietary to the client and not released to the public.


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