One-on-One AAM Product Development Plan Consult


This session is designed for business executives and technical leaders of start-up companies (manufacturers, operators or second tier suppliers) creating products designed to enter or support the AAM market (including one of the sub-markets).

One-on-one AAM product development plan consult (2 hours + pre-discussion product information review).

Consultation (live via Zoom) on required supporting infrastructure/supply base, program plan development and execution, and resources required leading to actionable enhancements to the current program plans to increase the client’s successful deployment and market entry of their product into the AAM industry.


The client will present Single Seat Consulting with their existing program development plans either through documentation or interviews no later than two weeks prior to the session to allow a detailed review that will support focused discussions (Note: NDAs may need to be executed prior to the review).

The consultation session will be recorded and delivered for private review / records. Presentations will be considered proprietary to the client and not released to the public.  Within two weeks of the consultation, in addition to the recording, company leadership will be provided post consultation notes highlighting identified programmatic gaps, and suggested action items.


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