Sylvia Ladunga is a business professional experienced in fulfilling private and public sector contracts in business process reengineering, change management and business development. She has worked in all these various capacities across the US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. 

Sylvia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business-Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master’s in Economics from American University in Washington DC. Sylvia loves drones and is currently working on her Part 107 certification.

Sylvia is the Business Development Manager at ANRA Technologies, a Washington DC-based Aerospace company with additional offices in London and New Delhi. ANRA Technologies offers SmartSkiesTM, a family of highly advanced intelligent airspace management solutions.

ANRA’s software platforms for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) support a myriad of unmanned systems through a cloud-based architecture to enable airspace management, real-time flight planning, traffic management, strategic deconfliction, compliance, and fleet management while supporting stakeholder interfaces and integrations.

ANRA has the distinction of being one of the few companies that has been working with NASA on UTM research since 2015 and has participated in all four Technical Capability Level (TCL) National Campaigns.

Sylvia is very excited about being part of the rapidly advancing UAS industry. It has been an honor to work with private and public sector stakeholders to advance the industry.