Lisa Peterson is President of Peterson Mobility Solutions, LLC, a strategic advisory, business development and professional services consulting practice serving public and private sector organizations interested in enabling smarter, more efficient and sustainable mobility and commerce.

Throughout her career, Lisa has been at the forefront of harnessing disruptive and transformational technologies to improve industry operations. Her early career experience with mobile location-based services, where she pioneered new applications to enable GPS tracking of last mile delivery vehicles is comparable to the disruption that is occurring in the transportation and logistics industry today with the emergence of UAS technologies. Over the past several years, Lisa has collaborated with public sector transportation agencies at the local and state levels to help these agencies embrace new technologies.  These technologies include location-based data, analytics and machine learning models for understanding human movement patterns and behaviors, and more recently, the introduction of UAS solutions for gathering and analyzing data to improve internal operations.  Lisa is deeply passionate about the promise of UAS and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)  to help solve challenges that transportation organizations face in terms of managing congestion on roadways, ensuring greater efficiencies for businesses and citizens of their communities and overall, contributing to a healthier, safer, and sustainable environment.

Lisa’s clients range from high-tech start-ups to mature private sector industry solution providers and public sector agencies.  These clients are providing solutions for a range of use cases, including last mile commercial UAS-based package delivery, improved health care and first responder operations, and providing tools to communities to enable better planning and safe operations for UAS and UAM as traffic volumes grow.

Lisa is a results-oriented, innovative, global business leader with over 25 years of proven experience in developing markets for emerging and transformative technologies in both VC-backed start-up environments and large corporations, including Sprint, Tata Communications, and most recently a start-up venture under GE Aviation, called AiRXOS.  Lisa is an active member of WTS, (an organization focused on women in transportation), Women And Drones, and also advises DroneResponders, a non-profit focused on the UAS for public safety, on all Transportation-related topics and initiatives.

Lisa Peterson
Peterson Mobility Solutions, LLC

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