One of our 2018 Women to Watch in UAS honorees, Brooke Tapsall has been taking the drone security domain by storm.  Women and Drones awarded her in the Safety Technology category to acknowledge the great potential of her global drone incident reporting system, DroneALERT.  Her reporting system is gaining momentum with Brooke landing a number of clients and recently being invited by INTERPOL to attend their invitation only, 3rd INTERPOL Drone Expert Forum at Interpol World Conference, Singapore,  July 2nd – 4th .  “This is where I want to be in the drone industry; engaging and contributing directly with the leading organizations in global drone security” Brooke recently said.

She was also requested to represent industry at the Interpol World Conference open forum, co-creation lab on drones with the focus of the co-creation lab working on options of prevention and disruption of drone intrusions to ensure that public safety and security is maintained.  Her observation from the lab “indicates that there is global interest in being proactive in engaging outside your geographic location, sharing best practices and gathering relevant people together in one forum.”  With the main trends being drone regulations, geo-fencing and counter UAV techniques.

Brooke praises the Interpol organizers of the conference and the forum as “bringing the right people into the room to be able to proactively find solutions.”  When asked about the conference demographics she stated, “I was one of the few women presenters at the conference. This professional acknowledgement to be selected is appreciated, however, the demographic only reflects the nature of the security industry and does not represent the attitude towards women in the field.  We are all united and equals in our goals for drone safety and security, as such, this is all that matters when you walk into the room. Everyone is professional, equal and focused. I always encourage women to following their goals, break down barriers and achieve their ambition.  Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Well done to Brooke for her role as a global leader in drone security.

Brooke Tapsall
Managing Director, AGCIS
Drone Expert