Insperity pioneered the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) industry in 1986. Essentially, we are the experts at helping small business become better employers. Insperity partners with a company as a means to provide ‘big business’ type resources to small business that has an inherent disadvantage in the market. You could say we level the playing field for entrepreneurs out there.

What makes Insperity unique is that we are less of a transactional vendor, and truly a strategic partner to your business. We become an extension, or structural backbone to your HR department. There is a shared liability in what’s called our co-employment relationship. So we are invested in your success and thus it’s our fundamental goal to grow your business. We treat HR as a core part of your business.. in addition to Sales/Marketing, Operations and Finance; HR and culture is the oil that runs the business engine day in and day out. We handle everything from recruiting and onboarding to benefits to liability management, and everything in between.

A partnership with Insperity can be customized and managed as frequently as the client prefers, but we especially love those clients that meet frequently and engage in those open dialogue discussions about their business goals, challenges, vision and priorities. This is where no competitor is like us. And these are the clients that will experience the most revenue generation from their people strategy.

We partner with clients as small as 5 full time employees, and can actually work into the thousands, but our best fits generally don’t exceed 200 employees, but there are many challenges in mid-market size that we provide immense value.

Please let me know if you’d like to have a conversation about your business. Our approach is always consultative. There is never any “pressure” to sell. It requires a mutual interest in exploring further.

Neil Ekins is a Business Advisor with Insperity. He takes a very customized, strategic approach in assisting with HR solutions. Neil has an extensive professional network.  He can be an excellent resource to growing your business and is more than willing to point you in the right direction.

Submitted by Neil Ekins
Business Advisor